I really am called Miranda, although I tend to use my middle name instead. Shakespeare is an important influence on my life and I’ve just completed a part-time MA, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, in Shakespeare and Theatre. My dissertation blends this interest with my work as a children’s librarian – I chose to look at the way the great playwright is presented to children as a character in historical novels.

What else? Well, I love reading about history, particularly the early modern and Romantic periods, I grow a lot of fruit and make it into jam and chutney, I love cooking, and I’m gradually walking the 630 mile South West Peninsula Coast Path in England with my OH. I have a son reading Philosophy at Essex University and a duaghter in Edinburgh studying German and Scandinavian Studies. Both are bright, passionate and thoughtful young people who fill the house with music, friends and interesting discussions when they come home.

I have been married for 25 years. The next few years will probably bring the challenge of adjusting to retirement as my OH reaches the end of a long career in R&D in the pharmaceuticals industry. We plan to move to the South West of England, an area that has always been close to my heart. Meanwhile, however, we live in South Manchester with a somewhat neurotic cat.

I work part-time in a local school encouraging children to discover the delights of reading. I fill my days with gardening, the occasional craft project, preserving fruit in various ways, hiking and going out with my partner, watching good movies and TV and discussing them with my friends and family, and reading a lot of books. I also go to the gym occasionally but still overeat!

I blog about what I’ve read, where I’ve been, what I’ve been watching, you know, that sort of thing. Join me on the journey.


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