A Day of Infamy

How to deal with this blackest of days?

First, to despise Farage even more than I thought possible. A victory won without a single bullet being fired? Ask Brendan Cox about that.

Second, to keep my head down and keep quiet until I can think straight.

Third, to thank God that, whatever happens, we own our home and we are reasonably good at growing our own food. We have money tucked away in various places but who knows how much good that will do us in a few years from now?

Fourth, to recognise that reading the Guardian is probably not good for my mental health right now.

Fifth, to resist the temptation to get pissed. It never helps.

Sixth, to go to the gym because if I don’t look after my health the NHS won’t be around for much longer to do it for me.

Seventh, to return with renewed determination to learning a foreign language, if only as an act of protest.

Eighth, to spend the day working my butt off in the school library. Ignorance and prejudice got us into this mess and education is the best way out of it.

Ninth, to self-identify as European. I no longer want to claim any public allegiance to my country.

And tenth, to be there for my kids and try not to embarrass them online.



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