tom and sarah

This little sketch by   expresses my sadness, and that of many others, today. What can I say, Sarah Jane? People talk about "my Doctor". Well, to many people, you were "my companion." You had the most wonderful quality of being, at the same time, Everygirl, and yet unique and very special. As Ten said, there’s no such thing as an ordinary human being.

It’s hard to believe that someone so ageless, who was convincing as a first-time bride on camera just over a year ago, has left us forever. And too soon. First the Brig, now our dear Sarah Jane. One of those people whose impact becomes apparent once they’ve gone – we knew you fantastic, brilliant, insert adjective of choice, but we didn’t realise, until now, that the world without you was simply inconceivable.

People of my (early middle) age have lost a part of their childhood – but it’s more than that. A generation and a half later, many younger fans have lost their mum. And what a mum – cool, elegant, fearless, but also warm, idealistic and romantic in the best sense of the word. Kids have some pretty flaky role models these days, but Sarah Jane ticked every box. She showed that endings are the opportunity for new beginnings, and that in a culture obsessed with celebrity and fake physical perfection, there’s a place for a face filled with character, and a beauty that speaks of what is within you and what you are capable of becoming.

It’s all too easy to imaging Luke, Maria, Clyde and Rani meeting up in that wonderful, eccentric attic to share their memories and pay tribute to a truly remarkable lady. I’m sure we’re with them in spirit.

tom and sarah by mefinx
tom and sarah, a photo by mefinx on Flickr.

‘It is so consoling when one is sad and bereft to remember the good times, the laughter, the glamour. Those sweet memories of happy days with Lis Sladen, the lovely, witty, kind and so talented Lis Sladen. I am consoled by the memories. I was there, I knew her, she was good to me and I shall always be grateful, and I shall miss her.


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8 thoughts on “tom and sarah

  1. It may seem a strange thing to say, but I hope Rusty and co can find a way to continue the adventures of Luke, Clyde, Maria, Rani and K9.
    Even without the irreplaceable Sarah Jane, I think it would be a fitting tribute to her if the show carried on.

  2. They have put up some “it’s okay to be sad” links on the CBBC website and there’ll be a tribute directly before the new DW opener airs on Saturday, so they seem to be telling kids the truth at this stage and leaving parents to deal with the fallout. I don’t know if there are any new SJA episodes in the can and, if so, if they’ll transmit them.

  3. I think it would be best to avoid any direct replacement of Sarah Jane – and a cast that age will be subject to rapid turnover as people leave to do A levels and so on. But it would be nice to see something similar, for the same age group, in a year or two. If any of the existing cast want to return as a focus, then great.
    It’s a bit like George Harrison dying for people our age, isn’t it? Same feeling of your youth being chipped away by the march of time.

  4. Daniel Anthony (Clyde) is 24 and probably the best actor among the “kids”. He’d do nicely as the continuity character for a successor series.
    And what about the 3 eps (I believe) already made for s5?
    One by one they fall…

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