A Groatsworth of Wit

I have a ticket – 25th July, a Monday! I was planning to go down for a few days anyway, as I did last summer, to catch up on the Globe season. They’re doing a midnight performance of Dr Faustus, which I rather fancy. And if I’m staying at LSE Bankside, as I did last year, it’s literally three minutes’ walk from the Globe so even at that time of night, i’d be okay getting back. I can recommend Bankside – it’s pretty basic and communal but I’m not complaining about that – you get a more spacious room than at most hotels in central London for around £40 a night and the location is unbeatable. Only drawback is you can only go when the students aren’t there.

Spent yesterday afternoon in the John Rylands Library on Manchester University campus – I must go down there more often. I got more work done in those few hours than I have in the last three months. I’m at that stage where the pressure to stop reading and start writing is building, but still held back by fear and writers’ block. Today I got out all the books I’ve read and copied out quotes on various themes I want to look at – things like London (they all mention heads on pikes on Tower Bridge, which my supervisor claims is a myth, and go out of their way to be gory in a very Horrible Histories way), Shakespeare at Work and Gender (or what happens when boys wear dresses, and vice versa).

This was a good use of time and has made the prospect of beginning to write my next chapter a lot less daunting.

Also feeling a slight sense of smugness that a couple of years ago I wrote Ten and Donna into a fic as Beatrice and Benedick. Thinking semi-seriously of starting a sequel in which they discover the TARDIS has broken down and they’re stuck in Elizabethan London, so to pass the time their mate Will writes them into his new play, which would of course be Much Ado About Nothing. Donna, of course, would have to disguise herself as a boy when off stage.

In my After the Storm AU, Journey’s End happened but nothing in the Specials. It would be a neat twist on Shakespeare’s penchant for twinning plots if 10.5 somehow finds his way to the same period and location and starts having an affair with Queen Elizabeth! (But to make it work I’d have to fiddle around with dates, since by the time Much Ado was written Gloriana was a bit of a toothless old hag – and if the two Doctors aren’t around in the same place to get mistaken for one another it’s not nearly as much fun).

I even have a title – A Merry War sounds good.

What think you, gentles all?


8 thoughts on “A Groatsworth of Wit

  1. The idea of 10.5 and Liz 1 is making me giggle like mad!
    To hell with getting the dates right – it sounds like the creatice juices are flowing so I say go with it. You’ve got the potential for a bit of Comedy of Errors in there, too, haven’t you? *g*

  2. I got a ticket as well! I’ll be flying over in mid-August, which was the earliest I could get a Saturday performance. I’m looking forward to it 🙂
    And I remember the Beatrice and Benedick chapter of your fic! Anything that can get you writing again is an excellent thing in my book, and since Much Ado… is my favourite play… Brilliant!

  3. I loved that Much Ado episode of yours. And Merry War is so perfect for Ten and Donna. (yes, still holding out for one day seeing Tate and Tennant play in Shakespeare together, either in Much Ado or the Shrew…)
    ETA: And now it’s going to happen! Got two tickets for Much Ado in July! [squees hopelessly]
    Write it write it! Pretty please?
    (Yay for library and getting on with work, too. I see so many students with that I’m-still-researching-and-reading-because-I’m-scared-to-write syndrome, and sneaking up on it sideways – by writing summaries, or finding quotes and starting a chapter in the middle from those, is an excellent way to start eating that particular elephant.)

  4. I have a ticket. Two, in fact. It’s for my (girl)friend Jann’s birthday, and the closest matinee to it was July 23rd.
    I’m glad the prose muse is tickling in Doctor Who.

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