The Theatre Event of the Season

Oh my God, it’s gonna happen! Tennant and Tate as Beatrice and Benedick – and she called him and said she wanted to do it! How cute is that?
What a gorgeous interview. (Apologies to friends across the pond, who probably can’t link to it. Hopefully someone more technically savvy than me will upload it for you)

The Wyndhams website is down – why am I not surprised?

Remember, you heard it here first!


4 thoughts on “The Theatre Event of the Season

  1. I’m going in June (25th) with a friend who’s coming over from the US – and to the last night.
    I’ll be scrubbing floors for the next five years, but I don’t care! It would be nice to get together though. If I cam be in town that day, I’ll let you know.

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