The Addictiveness of Twitter

I think I’ve finally worked out why Twitter is so addictive. You see, I’ve always been the person on the fringes of social gatherings, watching groups of interesting people having enjoyable, laughter-filled conversations and never quite knowing how to join in.

But now I have the illusion of Stephen Fry, Murray Gold, Caitlin Moran, Stephen Moffatt, Mark Gatiss, to name but a few, all chatting away to me. Of course, none of them know I exist but I still feel I’m at the centre of the best party in the world.

Pathetic, isn’t it? At least I haven’t taken to tweeting on my own account. That way madness lies.

Meanwhile, back in RL, have booked for Harry Potter tomorrow night with partner and two kids. It cost £30.00 so it had better be good. It lasts 2 and a half hours – almost as long as “Hamlet” but without an interval. So, better have a pee and a bite to eat before we go in.

Why is everything so damned expensive these days?


2 thoughts on “The Addictiveness of Twitter

  1. and I liked the new HP movie. You definitely have to know the series to follow along, but it’s a well-done adaptation (IMO), and wow did they ever capture a feeling of incredible desolation and despair . . . which isn’t a cheery holiday feelgood thing, I admit, but entirely appropriate to the story.
    Also some lovely scenery/filming.

  2. I think one of the things about Twitter is that it’s very “immediate” – if you don’t have the time or the energy to write a long blog post about what you’ve been up to, those small snippets help keep people up to date. Of course, a lot of them are so entirely inane that it’s like watching paint dry. I haven’t tweeted in ages. For one thing, my job doesn’t fit well with the immediacy angle – unlike someone in an office who can look at it every so often – and I prefer being more verbose!
    I haven’t managed to get to the HP film yet – I might have to wait for the DVD.

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