All the world’s a stage

Hello, you lot! I’ve just remembered it’s Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, no mean feat for someone as England-focussed as myself. So I hope all you people across the pond have a wonderful holiday, particularly those who were kind enough to respond to my questions about Shakespeare a couple of weeks ago.

I do love the LJ header at the moment. It reminds me of a magical night in August when I’d just seen a play at the Globe and I came out and looked across the river. The view of St Pauls is stunning at any time, but particularly when the Perseids are coming down all around the dome. Unforgettable.

So I hope your Thanksgiving celebrations include the odd moment of that kind. I wonder if the DW crowd are still in the USA and whether anyone will invite Matt and Karen for dinner if so?

As for me, I’m going to Stratford tomorrow for a supervision, and while I’m there I might pop into the new RSC theatre and see if I can find the seat with David Tennant’s name on it. A contact of mine has heard a rumour that DT will be involved in the Birthday Celebrations next year (23 April), though I’ve come across nothing to confirm it. If I do, you’ll read about it here. Certainly if royal weddings are your thing, and you can afford the air fare, you could do a lot worse than come over here at the end of April. But be warned. There will be two four-day weekends in a row – first Easter, then the wedding (29 April) and May Day (2 May) so you’ll need to book everything early!

The 2011 RSC programme is out today. The website will probably be very slow so be patient. Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice and A Midsummer Night’s Dream are all on offer. Obviously they’re playing safe. Rather more intriguing, they’re staging the "lost play" Cardenio at the Swan.

BTW, is it just me, or does anybody else wonder why the restoration of an iconic English cultural site has been promoted with artwork that looks like Stalinist propaganda?


8 thoughts on “All the world’s a stage

  1. One day I would love to host some Brits for T’giving dinner over here, or over there even.
    Maybe the “Stalinist” look of the RSC artwork is related to the building’s 1930s origins and they were going for a 1930s moderne Bauhaus kind of thing? I think it’s pretty cool looking.

  2. Oh yes, do go and find the seat! Then you can post a photo for all of us who donated to it to feel all warm ‘n’ fuzzy over…
    Hope supervision goes well, too [remembers world does not entirely revolve around DT-obsession…]

  3. Indeed yes, and I expect the idea is to recreate the era when the original theatre was built – the 1930s. I think it’s just the amount of red I have issues with.

  4. I rather like the ’30s-esque poster.
    But then, as my wife points out, my eyes are bad.
    I’m days late in thanking you for your Thanksgiving wish. As it happens Thanksgiving is my family’s favorite holiday. Even in years when things are difficult it is a time of good memories; more relaxed and companionable than Christmas.
    On the other hand, I was weeks late in responding to your question about Shakespeare in America. No use at all to your paper, even after editing down to fit the character limit on comments.
    I was pretty much unplugged for the first two-thirds of November and stumbled over the link to your query while catching up on ‘s journal. I’ve been reading you in bits and pieces since. Nice place you have — much classier than mine — and you write interesting words. No, that’s not right. You put ordinary words together to express interesting thoughts.
    My daughter is also a David Tennant fan. To the point that his life-sized image adorns her dorm room at William & Mary and at whatever sci-fi/anime/gaming con she attends she gets her picture made with every 10th Doctor impersonator she can find. (Rather, ever one up to her standards; she’s a serious costumer who has no respect for folks who take shortcuts.) Because she’s a costumer, the Doctor has been appearing with a variety of anime and video-game characters in the process. The crossover fanfic potentials beggar the imagination.
    If you do find the David Tennant seat, do post a photo; I’m sure she’ll print an enlargement.

  5. Hi, thanks for your nice comments. I’ve been away and I’m only just catching up with my replies. Re Shakespeare, your thoughts are welcome at any time. This is quite a long-term project.
    Unfortunately there were various meetings and rehearsals going on so I wasn’t able to go into the auditorium at the new theatre. It looks large and impressive, though a little institutional and lacking in character. I’m looking forward to seeing some performances there next spring and summer.
    Your daughter sounds like a pretty hardcore fan! Here’s a link that might be of interest

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