Glittering Prizes

Our weekend in Cambridge was very enjoyable and has certainly served its main purpose, which was to encourage Becky who has just gone into sixth form to work hard and aim high. She interacted well with all the lecturers whose talks she went to, asking intelligent questions, and one lecture on linguistics has particularly caught her imagination. I have no doubt that she’ll be aspiring to follow in Dad’s footsteps now.

We stayed in New Court, right next door to the room my hubby was in when he went up in 1971. It was a wonderful experience to be there and two nights wasn’t enough for me. It was so peaceful and beautifully set up for work and I spent heavily at Heffers and the CUP bookshop. John took the girls on the river, I went on a tour of the Scott Polar Research Institute where they have magnificent maps of the Arctic and Antarctic painted on the ceiling, beautiful Innuit artwork and (very moving) the last diary entries and letters written by the Scott expedition.

The highlight of the trip was dinner in the Fellows common room by candlelight on Saturday night. How lucky my daughter is to have had that experience at the age of 16. Truly life-changing for her.

And now I’m back in London, in the Mad Hatter Hotel just off Blackfriars Bridge, trying to decide how best to prepare for my interview at Roehampton tomorrow. Eep!

I’ve just had venison pie down in the bar and I’m listening to the Beatles as I type away on my laptop.


3 thoughts on “Glittering Prizes

  1. Oh, that all sounds wonderful!
    I have no academic connection with Cambridge, but I had a friend at university whose family lived in the town, so we had several enjoyable rambles through the grounds at various times during the holidays. I have some lovely pictures.

  2. You’ve made me nostalgic all over again now. I always loved visiting friends in New Court, it’s such a mad building. Though blimey, I think if I’d had to dine with the Fellows at the age of 16 I might have run away overwhelmed – good for Becky!
    Hope all went well at Roehampton today and the journey home’s all smooth.

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