The Pleasures of Parenthood

Since my son got up around an hour ago, our conversation has covered the total awesomeness of The Doors’ The End, LOTR as a motif of nuclear war and (at great length) how nerds all over the world are secretly preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. Now he’s gone off to play "Ghost Town."

I love my kids, but right now I need kittens or non-evil bunnies. Oh, and I think the inevitability of a Zombie Apocalypse is a lousy reason for not bothering to repaint the downstairs bathroom. But then I’m not 19.


6 thoughts on “The Pleasures of Parenthood

  1. 🙂
    The other week from the six-year-old I went from “Why doesn’t everybody in the world have a house?” one breakfast time to “Why has Daddy got hairs in his nose?” the next…

  2. I can top that. At the age of four: “Daddy, what are you for? Why did God make you?”
    No surprise that he’s going to do Philosophy at Uni.

  3. Re: The Pleasures of Parenthood
    I am one of those parents who relates much better to teens than toddlers. My mother was the same. And I have many deep and wonderful conversations with Tom. But when he’s obsessed, he’s really obsessed.

  4. I think I believe him about the nerds and the Zombie Apocalypse — not that there’ll be one, but that people are preparing. My friend S. told me last year that all men (“except maybe your father”) had a zombie contingency plan. At the Christmas party, I asked a couple of colleagues. One indeed had a plan and the other had given it thought.

  5. 🙂 LOL that he didn’t need to ask that one about you!
    The other morning I was really tired and for once in a blue moon the Resident Geek got up first. First Small Person, in the kitchen:
    “Daddy, why are you up? You’re never up! Where’s Mummy?!…”

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