Guess Who?




“I’ve just picked up a very special signal,” the Doctor explained. He twirled his sonic screwdriver in his hand. “And what it confirms is that there’s a restaurant here that will one day be the most famous in all of the galaxy. In the 208th Century, people are so obsessed with it they travel back through time from all over the galaxy to eat there. Well, I say ‘people’’…Anything with less than four stomachs travels to eat here at least once a lifetime. It’s renowned as the best meal you will ever have. Will have had. Had ever having. Sorry, time travel tenses, they’re very confusing. Just stick with me. This is the most famous food in the galaxy and people spend a lifetime of savings to make the trip. And we’ve landed in the perfect vintage! The Ood Food Guide [sic] gave June 2010 a whole solar system of awards…”

Blimey, talk about verbal diarrhoea, that’s just got to be Ten, hasn’t it? Wrong – it’s Eleven arriving in New York in the new BBC Novel “Forgotten Army” by Brian Minchin. The spirit of RTD is not yet dead, it seems. When a mammoth wakes up in a museum, the first thing it does is poos all over the floor…

Another interesting snippet:

“And don’t look at my bow tie like that, Pond. Bow ties are cool. Anyway, always good to make sure there’s no cracks in it.”

Amy tried to work out if it was cracks in New York or cracks in his bow ties that were worrying him…


So, good so far – and the final paragraph is a hoot but I won’t spoil you. 

Could live without Amy’s habit of calling him “Elbow Patches,” though. Wrong, on so many levels.


2 thoughts on “Guess Who?

  1. That is absolutely Ten. I suppose this is one of the problems with bringing the novels out so early on in the new guy’s run. But I’d hope they’ve been given a bit more information about Eleven, who he is and a handle on his speech patterns than we have!
    Although, judging by that excerpt – perhaps not.

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