No way to treat a Doctor

What really pisses me off about the Graham Norton trailer incident goes deeper than my feelings as the fan of a specific show. Fact is, as a British viewer I pay £150.00 a year so that I don’t have to put up with a broadcasting service that values marketing above creativity and talent. Not that I get any choice in the matter, but frankly you do wonder why we end up having the worst of both worlds thrown in our faces.

I’ve no problem with the BBC advertising their latest tedious, overhyped, so-called entertainment show. I’ve no personal beef with Graham Norton. But I’m old-fashioned enough to care about the growing lack of courtesy and appreciation for the talented people who make what few intelligent, watchable TV shows we have left. It began with the assumption that credits were just boring old twaddle that nobody really wanted to read, at least nobody who wasn’t a rabid fan who’d buy the DVD set eventually anyway. That’s not the point. When people have worked hard they deserve to be recognised for it. Simple as that. Not running the credits is rude. It’s also the thin end of a wedge that we now, predictably, see invading the content itself.

The BBC wants it both ways. They want to promote and milk DW as a cash-cow for all it’s worth, but they don’t want to show it any respect. They cut its budget, force it to make artistic decisions based primarily on marketing (multi-colour Daleks, anyone?) and now they can’t even allow the people who have slaved for months to make the best programme they are capable of making to have it shown without corporate interference.

So, I’m delighted that the fannish outcry has embarrassed the POTB into at least making a response, but I hope it won’t just be dismissed as the whining of a few obsessive geeks. It’s a symptom of a lack of respect and courtesy that needs to be addressed in our society as a whole.

Oh, and while we’re at it, could they stop messing about with the transmission time, as well? It hasn’t been the same for two weeks running yet.


16 thoughts on “No way to treat a Doctor

  1. So, I’m delighted that the fannish outcry has embarrassed the POTB into at least making a response,
    Wait, what? They did?! Where! *looks around*
    And I’m just so glad it wasn’t just me having a tissy fit over that. After 5 years of having clean DW with no watermarks or ad crap, that was just shocking to see. DNW. Ever. 😛
    Also I had no idea the taste the rainbow Daleks were a push from the network. I was wondering why Moffat would make/allow such an absurd choice. Good to know. 🙂 But yeesh, stinky decision on BBC’s part. That was just kinda eye-burning.

  2. I was absolutely LIVID. Like ALW doesn’t get enough publicity or earn enough money already.
    I know there’s a school of thought that says that “nobody watches the credits anyway”, but I’d like to be allowed to make that decision for myself, tyvm.
    I know it happens all the time in the US, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it here (it probably happens, I just don’t watch all that much TV). I’m fed up with the BBC, a publicly funded broadcaster feeling that it has to keep up with the jonses all the time. If we wanted to keep up, we’d watch the crap that ITV churns out!

  3. The BBC have apologised, though significantly only for the timing, not for doing it in the first place. I’ve added a live link to my post above.

  4. Thanks for the links! I’m glad fandom has cried out about it collectively. I mean for cryin’ out loud. But yeah, I don’t want an apology just for the timing; how about for having it on there AT ALL?!
    UGhhh. 😡

  5. Less a push from ‘the network’ as from BBC Worldwide. BBC 1 doesn’t have as much money as it did to put into Doctor Who, allegedly, so BBC Wales went cap in hand to BBC Worldwide, as the commercial arm of the BBC which goes out to earn money in the marketplace and which owns Doctor Who‘s copyright, to ask for more… and the new Daleks, toy-friendly, were Worldwide’s condition.

  6. Ah, so that’s why BBC America is behaving like DW is some amazing new show that just came out when they barely gave it any promotion for the past 5 years.
    I hate the new Daleks. The colours don’t bother me, but they’re shaped all wrong! They’ve ruined them like they ruined the Cybermen (Troughton-era Cybermen are a million times scarier than the current incarnation).

  7. Ohh, the colours bother me, big time. Psychotic Liquorice Allsorts? No, noo, noooo. Multicoloured Daleks for marketing purposes, OK, if you must, but make them dark metallic vaguely threatening colours, no? Not something that looks like it’s come out of the IKEA catalogue fercryingoutloud?!?

  8. And I’m just so glad it wasn’t just me having a tissy fit over that
    So not just you. Cushion that was previously being hidden behind/chewed through got thrown at the telly…

  9. Thanks. Point taken re SyFy, but I think once you start justifying something wrong by making the excuse that there are worse examples around, you’re on rather shaky ground. Are Americans forced to pay a Government tax to keep SyFy ad-free?

  10. That’s interesting and not surprising. What bothers me rather more than the Daleks is the uneasy feeling (which was bolstered by the last Confidential) that MS and AP might have been cast because they act like video game characters. Highly kinetic and with a small number of basic expressions. But I’m probably showing my age – clearly most people love them.

  11. I complained to the BBC just to make a point to them. It wasn’t just Toon!Norton, but the fact that the Beeb promoted the damn show before transmission of DW, and then 30 sec’s later in the credit squeeze.
    I don’t think it’s the overreaction of the nerds. Even celebs complained on Twitter. Loved Simon Peggs view on the situation, and Matthew Graham had a bit of a whinge as well, as did Charlie Brooker.
    I think the main concern is that we just don’t expect this sort of shit from the Beeb. And the funny thing was, 2million+ views still switched off/over between the end of DW and the beginning of Andrew Lloyd Webber does yet another muscial audition.

  12. To be honest, if they’d set out to alienate every single person who watched DW, the exact opposite of their perceived intention, they couldn’t have done a better job.

  13. Well quite. Even had I a) been watching live, which like millions of DW fans I wasn’t, and b) had the slightest intention of watching Graham Bloody Norton, which I didn’t, I would have turned off instead out of sheer irritation and because I am contrary like that. Humph.

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