A bit of fun for my Shakespearian flisties:

Down at the Elsinore Internet cafe, a moody Dane Googles…


5 thoughts on “

  1. (snerk) Oh, very nice.
    Actually, as Gertrude is probably my favorite character in the play, I’d love to see her searches. I can just see them going from slowly typed searches on funerals and weddings pre-play to frantic attempts to find *anything* that might help her figure out how to deal with Hamlet. (And she’d probably search oedipal complexes at that point as well…could that be her last search but his first?)
    Where’d you get this idea from, may I ask? Do you mind if I steal it for eventual classroom use?

  2. Finally got the chance to watch that – the Mac I do most of my LJ browsing on at home doesn’t have Flash installed and I kept forgetting to sneak a quiet peek at work. That was fun!

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