Diversion Therapy (no spoilers)

Want the experience of a big RTD finale without the angst? You could do a lot worse than this!

The Ultimate Showdown



6 thoughts on “Diversion Therapy (no spoilers)

  1. FANTASTIC! I am absolutely posting that link tomorrow…in my Pony Day post…it will be delightfully unexpected.
    Except by the people who have read your blog…so, that would be many of the same people who read MY blog. 😀
    But, MAN that is just like an RTD finale. Thanks for making me laugh and for the gift of a virtual pony, too.
    stylin’ it like Blinkie 4-sure!

  2. Re: Another somehow highly appropriate link (no spoilers!)
    I am currently collecting inappropriate links. Have you seen the Bingo Cards?
    I am assuming that the star, the given square in the center, is our Pony! 😀
    Also, not to get your hopes up anymore than I already have…but I was watching David on The Breakfast Show this morning…he says “in a way we have been building to this episode for 4 and 1/2 years so you want it to feel like a fitting farewell…and it did.”
    Then, the woman asked what his favorite scene was. Before David could muster much of an answer she tells him about her feelings watching EoT part one. She says that she kept thinking about Rose and him and how intense that relationship was. Because…even NEWSCASTERS want the Pony!
    And David…agrees with her quite carefully, seriously, but then he says, “Will these final stories live up to what you hope that finale will be. And then you read the script and…” He sort of stops himself…but then, he goes on to reveal nothing much until finally, beaming, like he wants to tell her…yet, he wants to keep it secret…he says, “When you find out tomorrow night,” and he’s grinning ear to ear, “what that really means, it just breaks your heart. It’s brilliant.”
    And here…I hope that it is his way out…Ten 2…giving him what he and we have needed for so long, respite.

  3. Re: Another somehow highly appropriate link (no spoilers!)
    Yeah, I’ve been trying to download that clip without success. I did hear about that “breaks your heart” bit and his phrasing was interesting, because you’d expect him to say it breaks your heart when the Doctor dies, or something like that.
    I think what it really means is that his people don’t give a shit about him, or worse still, they’ve seen everything and chosen not to help him.
    Which would be enough to make him prefer to be a human.

  4. That link was hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. (I have the feeling I’m going to need it over the next 24 hours as my heart breaks into little itty-bitty pieces.)

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