In praise of Jack

The Times ran a little piece today celebrating the fact that Jack has been the most popular boys’ name in the UK since 1994.

“When we have done our research, mothers tell us Jack suggests honesty, trustworthiness and hard work. A Jack will be popular and have a strong character, but he will also be good,” said Faye Mingo, who compiles the research on names for, a parenting club."

But teachers have a tendency to see a Jack on the register and expect a troublemaker…

That sounds about right. I was a bit miffed that the print copy of the Times ran a little quiz on their front page asking readers to identify 20 famous Jacks, including Sparrow, Beanstalk and Daniels. Since there was one noteable omission I suggest we all correct it at once by watching this incredible vid by


One thought on “In praise of Jack

  1. I think Jacks are both–mischievous, but also solid and dependable. Hint of the rogue, but basically good guys. I like the name Jack. It’s a nice, strong name that packs a lot of character into one syllable.

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