The Answers to the Shakespeare OTP Quiz!

1. The only thing she would have changed about him was his name. A couple of text messages would have saved them. Romeo and Juliet

2. She rejected him, thinking he played her sister false, but it turned out to be a game of mixed-up doubles. Antipholus of Ephesus and Adriana, The Comedy of Errors

3. These two played a merry war, but in the end he stopped her mouth. Beatrice and Benedick – Much Ado about Nothing

4. He loved not wisely but too well. Othello and Desdemona

5. A single mother in the Midlands, but at least she got the second-best bed. William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway.

6. He said her cap became her not …..Petruchio and Katerina, Taming of the Shrew

7. Her skin was dark – but did she play fair? 154 x 14 lines, yet this OT3 remains a mystery. Shakespeare, the Dark Lady and a mysterious young man – The Sonnets

8. Banish this old friend and you banish all the world, but in the end the young man proved ruthless. Falstaff and Hal, Henry V

9. A year of hospital visiting and the lady’s his, but is that too long for a play? Berowne and Rosaline, Love’s Labour’s Lost

10. Would he open the right box – and could she plead her case? – Bassanio and Portia, The Merchant of Venice

11. If you wear a crown, avoid this couple’s guest bedroom. – The Macbeths, The "Scottish Play"

12. In a world of secrets and lies, a true friend is more valuable than the ecstasy of love. And that man lived to tell his story. Hamlet and Horatio

"if thou lovest me….
Absent thee from felicity a while
And in this harsh world draw thy breath in pain
To tell my story"

David Tennant has played Romeo, Berowne, Antipholus of Ephesus and of course Hamlet for the RSC. He has also starred as Benedick in the BBC Audio production of "Much Ado About Nothing"

Well done and thanks for joining in the fun – particularly azalaisdep  who responded with a full house of correct answers within ten minutes!

Here’s a final conundrum for you:

What links the Doctor, a double-decker bus and a fairy bank in Shakespeare?
(Clue – Act ii, scene i) Solution (don’t click if you’re avoiding spoilers) here


2 thoughts on “The Answers to the Shakespeare OTP Quiz!

  1. Thinking about your last question, something came to mind.
    A news item this week concerned the fact that the Doctor Who episode “Planet of the Dead”, currently filming in Dubai, had to be re-written because of damage to a London Bus they were using. Any connection here?

  2. Indeed there is. If you look up Act II scene i in “Midsummmer Night’s Dream” you’ll find the line “I know a bank where the wild thyme blows.” Iris Wildthyme is a character from the Big Finish Audios and several BBC Classic DW novels. She is a renegade Time Lady whose TARDIS is a double-decker bus.
    Stop now if you want to stay spoiler free for POTD:
    Her status in canon is disputed but we know three things about “Planet of the Dead”
    1. The Doctor has no TARDIS in this story
    2. Despite this, he manages to travel to an alien planet and the plot demands that the bus goes there too. So perhaps he gets there by bus?
    3. The character played by Michelle Ryan is important in the Doctor’s future life.
    In the BBC novels continuity, which is not the same as New Who, Iris Wildthyme survives the Time War and is probably sheltering in an alternate universe. It is sometimes claimed that she is one of the Doctor’s great loves – and if she’s a TL she could regenerate, possibly into Alex Kingston?

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