I do wish they’d stop making smoothie makers you can pull apart and put in the dishwasher. It’s incompatible with a machine that isn’t much use if it leaks. And those little valves are stupid. How many people actually use them, rather than pouring the smoothie out of the top.

Our nice retro chrome machine died on us a few weeks ago, when the cost of sourcing and replacing the wrecked seal on the bottom of the goblet became unacceptable. I bought a cheap and cheerful replacement from Tesco, didn’t bother registering the warranty, and yesterday my kitchen was treated to a tsunami of beetroot and pear juice. I’ve just discovered it’s filled the cutlery drawer and dripped through onto the one below, which contains teatowels.



One thought on “Yuck!

  1. Oh, yuck! But at least tea towels are washable!
    I had that happen once when my sister used my blender and didn’t recognize the rubber gasket as one of the necessary parts. I think it was strawberries and milk that time.

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