Reasons to be cheerful

I admit I’ve been extremely lax in keeping up with the Happiness Meme posts, but I intend to make up for it now.

Reasons to be cheerful –

1. Assuming all went according to plan, DT is back in Cardiff filming Doctor Who now. As it should be.

2. I have, more or less, figured out the main differences between Cultural Materialism and New Historicism. Now all I have to do is get my head around a postcolonial reading of "The Tempest".

3. Saw "Slumdog Millionaire" with DH. Good movie, though it probably romanticises poverty to an unacceptable degree (a charge you could also lay at Oliver Twist, which in many ways it resembles). But it’s a heart-warmer, it makes Mumbai comprehensible to a Western audience, and the music is infectiously brilliant.

4. Doing all right at the writing again. Writing a Donna fic, and the words are flowing.

5. Did an afternoon’s gardening on Saturday. Gardens can always surprise you somehow. The American Land Cress has self-seeded prolifically and, after a year of just sitting there doing nothing, the Romanesco has decided to flower at last.

6. Obama, Obama, OBAMA!. I know it’s not my country, but this is so hopeful and exciting for the whole world. Can’t wait to watch the party this evening!


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