The Happiness Meme (Tagged by ivydoor)

I don’t normally do memes, but I think this is such a nice up-beat one and besides something really rather briliant happened today.

I finally persuaded the BBC to pay me something for writing about Doctor Who.

Yes, you read that right. Remember my little bit of cracky speculation that Gromit was the next Doctor? I e-mailed it to the Radio Times, they made it Letter of the Week and I’ve won a digital radio.

I can even forgive them for headlining it "Dogtor Who." As long as they promise never to do that again!


7 thoughts on “The Happiness Meme (Tagged by ivydoor)

  1. Hooray! A welcome break from the griping and down beat articles with the recession.
    We get the RT delivered, so I shall cut out the page and declare to all who listen, “I know her!” The BBC have made you famous.

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