Don’t you think he looks tired?

Just in case anyone was wondering, there is a good reason why Berowne is in blue in LLL. The RSC stage is black and very reflective. If you can just imagine the effect on the average impressionable female of very sexy young men in Elizabethan pantaloons and tights on said surface…well, you’ll understand why the other three noble Lords are attired in white and Berowne….isn’t.

The RSC just don’t have the staff to cope with a mass fangasm safely. There are some nice posters of Hamlet up in the Circle Bar now. I wish they’d had the new LLL poster in the shop – I’d have picked up one or two, I think.

To be honest I’m still amazed by how lucky I was to get a ticket. I hadn’t booked. I literally walked in off the street on Friday at around 5 pm and asked what was available. I ended up in the gallery but that’s okay – I saw it, that’s the main thing.

I’ve seen the play before at the Globe and it’s not the most accessible of Shakespeare’s. There’s not much story to it but Berowne gets a couple of glorious speeches about love. It’s theme, if there is one, is the contrast between the dance of courtship and the reality of having a relationship with somebody, and there’s a shock ending which throws this into stark relief. Berowne has an answer for everything all the way through, but ultimately he’s wrong footed and has to adjust to not always getting what he wants – at least, not right away. As you can imagine, Tennant plays this to perfection.

Everything the RSC does is very much an ensemble and it seemed to me that Tennant took a while to blend in with a company again, but he’s got there now in a way he hadn’t when I saw Hamlet.. Admittedly that was two months ago, and also LLL is more of an ensemble piece. I also thought he looked a good bit older and more tired than he does on TV. It must be quite a punishing schedule, particularly when it’s two performances a day. I know it’s the same for everyone but they’re big parts and he has the fans at the stage door as well.

It’s nice that he gets to use the Scottish accent. And there’s a lot of climbing and jumping out of trees, and somehow his clothes always end up a little rumpled, not that I’m complaining, of course…


4 thoughts on “Don’t you think he looks tired?

  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Less than a week for me!! I tried to read the play a couple months ago and gave up. Way too much wordplay to take in. I know the gist of the plot, so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy hearing Tennant wrap his lovely Scottish burr around those eloquent lines. *sigh*

  2. I sympathise. I’ve never quite read the whole thing, either. Although there is an excellent RSC edition for a few pounds which clears it up a lot, and includes a good review of past productions.
    Anyway, enjoy the play. The weather in Stratford has been perfect, and I hope you’re equally lucky with it. It’s such a beautiful part of the world. Worth getting a car and exploring further, if you’ve the opportunity.

  3. To be honest I’m still amazed by how lucky I was to get a ticket. I hadn’t booked. I literally walked in off the street on Friday at around 5 pm and asked what was available.
    I’m still debating whether to gamble and take time off work this week or next and just go up and queue for a return for LLL.
    Lady answering the phone in the box office today said she had arrived for work at 8.30 this morning and there were already 12 people in the returns queue, and that some nights they’ve had youngsters sleeping out overnight to be first in the queue – but that *was* for Hamlet.
    But isn’t it *fantastic* that they’ve got kids queuing up overnight to go and see Shakespeare? The RSC must be over the moon.

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