This is Eric. We’ll come back to him in a moment.

One of the great pleasures of my job (librarian in a primary school) is that I can come out of the closet and declare myself a fan from time to time.

We’re running a promotion with Waterstones called The Big Book Bank. Here’s how it works. A child brings in a favourite book. You give them a sticker and they write a review of it. They leave the book on a display stand for others to enjoy and get a Waterstones voucher in return.

Anyway, I thought I’d get the ball rolling. So I picked one of my favourite science books, George’s Secret Key to the Universe and wrote the following review:

“This is a brilliant book. It’s written by someone who’s very clever (for a human) and it tells you all about things like space and black holes. The pictures are great. There’s a man called Eric who has a computer, Cosmos, which is a bit like my TARDIS. It can take you anywhere in space, though it’s not so good at time travel yet. I think Eric is a great character. He has spiky hair and wears glasses to make him look even cleverer than he really is. There is a nice pig in the story too. But pigs should not be sent into space. It frightens them.”

Then I just left it on the trolley and waited for the reaction to come in. My lovely Headmaster bought into it totally and stood there for a while telling sceptics, “He can get in anywhere with his sonic screwdriver. I’ll leave a few jelly babies around tonight and see if we can catch him.”


3 thoughts on “This is Eric. We’ll come back to him in a moment.

  1. AWWWWW that is such a lovely story. I have a huge smile on my face giggling at this… Totally set me up for a mad day at work, I just know Im going to need this image later on today. Thank you for sharing!!

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