Oi! That’s my TARDIS!

Guarenteed to put a smile on your face, even if you’re American.

Breakfast DJ Chris Moyles and his mate Dave in the TARDIS.

Best bit:

(Moyles starts messing around with the console)

DAVE: What are you doing?

MOYLES: What do you think I’m doing? I’m from Leeds – I’m trying to hotwire it so I can nick it!
I think the Doctor needs to hie himself back from Stratford post-haste. Methinks he hath met his match.


2 thoughts on “Oi! That’s my TARDIS!

  1. I have just sat and listened to the show, and OMG how funny. I love Chris Moyles at the best of times but when Mr Barrowman is on its too hilarious. Chris mocking his bi-dialectability.. too funny! Did you watch the video’s? Comedy Dave’s acting ability is beyond hope!

  2. Videos, plural? I only came across that one where Chris and Dave are in the TARDIS. The pot plant with the key under it – priceless. Utterly DW.
    Comedy Dave – is he any relation to Proper Dave or Other Dave?

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