More Travels

Yes, there is life after Hamlet!

I’ve just got a ticket for a panel at the Cheltenham Literary Festival on Oct 12th – with John Barrowman and RTD!

Here’s the link:

And there are two performances of Love’s Labours Lost on the 11th. So I may just go down a day early, camp outside the Courtyard Theatre and see if I can pick up a return ticket. After all, I managed to get into His Dark Materials.

OTOH, I only have one heart and that much excitement in one weekend might not be very good for me..


3 thoughts on “More Travels

  1. I’m going just for that event. It’s my way of compensating for not getting a ticket for the Shakespeare & Me talk.
    My sister is coming with me. She had a slight mix up with the days off work, so I don’t know how much spare time we’ll have around the talk. It could be a simple, “Oh, that’s what you look like!”

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