Journey’s End (please note non-spoilery illustration)

My first thoughts on Journey’s End…

I’m just going to address the emotional and character stuff for now, though there are tons of plot elements I could mention and probably will. One overall one – it’s a dream that won’t materialise, but I’d love to see that Team TARDIS work together a bit more.

MARTHA – I loved her in this. Her joy and acceptance of Rose completely made her in my book.

JACK – Well, what can you say? Except he’ll be mad that he missed out on Unexpected Naked Ten.

DONNA – I’ll come back to her in a moment.

DOCTOR/ROSE – It was the ending I’d predicted and wanted. It suffered badly from not having time to develop and my main problem was I felt Billie didn’t engage with Blue Ten, at some level she didn’t feel he was the real deal. Which in some ways, he wasn’t. That made for some rather wooden acting from everyone except Brown Ten on the beach.

With more set-up it could have been a beautiful scene, but time did not permit. If ever there was a scene crying out for some serious ficcage, that’s it. As it was, it was rushed, which left us with the feeling that Rose didn’t get a choice and that Blue Ten was a bit of a two-dimensional character. But I think that was just inevitable given all they had to pack in.

It was the nearest to a happy ending we could have had. I’ve read fics where Rose ages and he doesn’t and in the end they all boil down to the same thing – they’re heartbreaking and for him it’s just prolonging the agony. I think we need to bear that in mind when judging Brown Ten’s actions here.

Having said that, it really annoyed me that the whole Bad Wolf thing was left hanging. There are absolutely no interaction between Rose and Jack and the Doctor handwaved/lied about Jack’s immortality and its cause. Again, lack of time. Lots of ficcage has been done already, and more will follow, I’m sure. But they could have squeezed in something – they fitted in the Gwen/Gwynneth connection and Jackie’s baby, for goodness’ sake.

What if Rose isn’t mortal? Was that ever fully established? Again, the solution was a quick bodge and we just have to accept it, I guess.

I don’t think it would have done any harm to have had a big smile, eye contact and a bit of banter from Blue Ten and Rose on the beach. Just something as simple as “Well, you’re stuck with me now.” Doctor grins. “Stuck with you, that’s not so bad.” And off they go with a giggle and a cuddle. They just seemed so uneasy with one another. I found that very sad.

I think we can also take it as absolute canon now that the Doctor is asexual in his Time Lord form.


Oh, MFG. That tore me to pieces. Yeah, I know she was going to leave and fair enough but GAH. Couldn’t they have just implied that the two of them pottered around together happily for a while before S5. I think I’d rather have him come back devastated at the start of S5 because she’d just died than what they did with her. No, no, a thousand times no. Not just for Ten’s sake. For Donna’s too. Every finale breaks someone’s heart. S1, it was Nine we lost. S2, Doomsday. S3, The Master and Martha. And now Donna. I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m going to come to terms with this one. I’m really pretty gutted, even though I was spoiled. The scene with Wilf made me cry.

See, if I’d known he was still with Donna, I’d have been happy for Ten, because I really felt that with her around he could deal with losing Rose and move on. Now, I just dunno. I think they implied that but it’s just too much loss, too close together.

I think, unless we’re going to get AU Blue Doctor/Rose spin-offs (which would be nice, and fun) it’s going to be better when DT leaves now. We need a new more old-school Doctor who doesn’t let us see deep into his pain and angst. It’s just too much to bear, because there’s obviously going to be no resolution whatsoever. So bring on Eleven, I say.

Meanwhile, the opportunities for good fanfic are legion. And I hope the daft prat has the sense to go straight to Sarah Jane or the Hub, and not brood alone in the TARDIS. But, knowing previous form, that seems most unlikely.


7 thoughts on “Journey’s End (please note non-spoilery illustration)

  1. Someone had better tell Moffatt that the Doctor is officially asexual, now. LOL!
    But seriously, I cried during the whole beach scene; at the end of the episode, I was furious.
    Okay, in a way Rose gets her happy ending, even if it’s with a cloned version of the Doctor, but what about the real Doctor? It killed him to leave her there, you could see that plain as day. But as usual, he does what he thinks is best and nevermind how anyone else feels.
    It felt like he was being a coward, through and through. First, he squeezes out of having to face forever with Rose. And in the same motion he gets rid of the clone, which was another gutless act. Blue!Ten represents everything that Brown!Ten hates about himself. He excuses it by saying Blue!Ten committed genocide. Hypocrite much? And maybe it’s just me, but Blue!Ten didn’t look all that torn up over having slaughtered the entire Dalek fleet (minus, of course, the one or two that inevitably escaped before the explosion, to return next season). More likely, it’s the Doctor’s own guilty conscience for having killed his own race. He hates himself for that, and it’s much easier to blame the clone. Everything he is, is reflected back to him in the face of Blue!Ten, and he just couldn’t stand to look at him.
    So, he solves three problems with one act: one, banish Blue!Ten to the alternate universe, so he can pretend he isn’t guilty of the exact same act of genocide; two, banish Rose to the alternate universe, so as not to admit that he’s afraid of his own feelings for her; three, assuage his guilt about sending Rose back by leaving her with Blue!Ten as a consolation prize. Oh, and guilt her into not arguing by saying that Blue!Ten is as broken now as Nine was after the Time War.
    Honestly, I don’t know whom I’m angrier with: the Doctor, for doing that, or RTD for making the Doctor do that. Unfortunately, I swore that if the Doctor and Rose didn’t get a good snog in, that I’d stop watching. And since they did snog–sort of–I’m resigned to at least one more season.
    On a positive note, we can now consider the Eighth Doctor’s half-human aspect no longer canon. Yay!

  2. Put like that, you can almost read some kind of gay subtext going on. The whole thing sounds like someone wrestling with coming out!
    I didn’t hate it as much as you, but I’d probably hate it more if I could stop thinking about what they did to Donna.

  3. It would have been pleasant if for once Davies had contrived not to end the season with his now-traditional lonely-Doctor motif, but since we knew both Tate and Donna were leaving I was already resigned to it when it happened, and already resigned to it being done under saddening circumstances since Donna had used the F word at the end of Poison Sky. I say, at least Dalek Caan had been speaking in metaphor all along.

  4. I am glad to some extent that Rose didn’t immediately take to Blue Ten. Like in AU fanfic of a fobwatched John Smith, while he looks like her Doctor on the outside, he isn’t fully on the inside. Rose is presented with a part human Doctor containing thoughts of another individual. Fandom wouldn’t accept fobwatch Doctor and Rose in the long term because she would want her full Doctor back.
    I was also miffed that the Bad Wolf/Jack was not mentioned, given all the other small asides that were. Even Jack/Mickey got interaction. How wonderful it would be to have it mentioned in the middle of war the human thought was to create life. Instead, the life that is created is trapped in a parallel world and wiped of its memory. Why Blue Ten’s memories of genocide couldn’t be selectively wiped like with Rose in Parting of the ways I’ll never know. It’s not like there is any evidence of Daleks ever being on Pete!World and only two people know (Rose and Jackie). That’s much better odds than Donna has of not overhearing it.
    Not that I’m complaining at the moment, but what makes you sure that Brown Ten is asexual?
    Do you ever get the feeling Tennant is playing Hamlet for some light relief? Do you also get the feeling RTD encourages fanfic to keep interest in the show and tide us over until Christmas?

  5. I felt that the implication was very much that Ten was physically incapable of satisfying Rose completely as a Time Lord, and that this allowed them to move the awkward issue of chastity off-stage. Hence the first true kiss between them as lovers.
    I do think he could have let him say ILU aloud though. That would have meant a lot to me.
    I suspect RTD not only encourages fanfic but mines it for ideas.
    As for Hamlet, King Lear would be light relief after this angstfest.

  6. So he might not have said I love you. Blue Ten might have whispered I can please you like humans do. I bet some people think he said his name, because it’s a strong mirroring of River Song. I think the sheer amount of Ten/Rose shipping we got pushed the boundaries of the show’s format to new limits, and the audience hearing ‘I love you’ or the Doctor’s name would break it.
    At least Moffat can’t get his hands on Rose. Even if he’s going to insert an active libido into the Doctor and turn him into a womanising Bond with the ultimate gadget transport.

  7. That did bother me, just not quite as much as what he did to Rose and his clone. I mean, not even giving her the choice, and not saying goodbye, sneaking away while she wasn’t looking. That outrages me more than anything. But yeah, what they did to Donna was quite unfair, also, especially considering what a kick-arse companion she proved to be.
    You know, the Doctor could have done the same thing to Rose–claim that if she remembered about Bad Wolf it would fry her brain, give her amnesia so she doesn’t remember meeting him, and then drop her off at Jackie’s so she can work at Henrick’s for the rest of her life. Can you imagine the outrage if he’d dared? And yet that’s just what he did to Donna.
    I guess they’re trying to cut all ties to start the next series fresh, but if they had to get rid of Rose, they should’ve at least kept Donna. She’s the only one who can keep the Doctor sane when Rose is gone. But . . . given how he acted with Rose and his clone, maybe they’re sending him down the Valeyard path. Ditching Donna could be his way of ridding the last obstacle in his path.
    He can’t even get sympathy now. Before, he was forcibly separated from Rose and cut off before he could finish saying goodbye. That makes everyone feel sorry for him, heartbroken on his behalf. But this time? She came back to him. And then he made the decision to take her back to Pete’s World, and he chose to leave without saying goodbye.
    It’s almost like they’re trying to turn the Doctor into an anti-hero.

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