More thinky, spoilery speculation…

t wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we don’t get a big reunion until the Christmas special.

I present Exhibit A, the lyrics of The Stowaway (Ooh, that rhymes! Shut up, Ten, who let you in?)

Beg borrow or steal, I’ll find a way
to be with my love upon Christmas Day
And I’ll run and I’ll walk, I’ll cover the ground
Next Christmas I’ll see you, I’ll be around

In general, the Christmas song lyrics have been spot-on. These suggest the Doctor making a real effort to get back to Rose, in the spirit of the original romantic quest narrative. Aesthetically, that works quite well. It looks as if, according to the S4 set-up, Rose is taking all the initiative getting back to him, and probably for reasons other than wanting to be with him (Quite right too). Fine, but that does beg the question of whether he wants her back, and whether she knows he wants her back. So having him fight his way back to her could be a nice way to balance things out.

What we might well see is a scenario playing out which makes it difficult, but not impossible or immoral for him to get back to her. For example, Donna might give her life up to save the universe or meet some other terrible fate – and he chooses to remain behind for a while, either to tell her family or to reverse time and give her another chance (this would, of course, fit in with the drop-off to WIlf that people have seen being filmed, when he tells him “She won’t remember a thing” and then appears to return alone to the TARDIS).

We know CT is leaving, and that RTD doesn’t like to do companion death. At least, that’s what he said pre-Doomsday and it makes sense. And I’m convinced that, no matter how great his love for Rose, the Doctor would feel a huge responsibility to Donna and a very real affection for her. He’d probably do right by Donna even if it cost him his happy ending with Rose. That is totally IC for him – it doesn’t mean he loves Donna more. It’s just him.

However, if the two universes are actually merging, there might need to be other reasons why Rose wouldn’t immediately go with the Doctor. One interesting one could be that she’s reunited with Jack and wants to find out just what happened post-POTW. Since the Doctor would rather chew nails than give her a straight answer on that one, and Torchwood is two men down, Rose might elect to stick around in Cardiff for a while and rebuild that relationship a bit. I’d really love to see that happen. Jack has been conspicuously absent from all the S4 trailers and speculation generally and that so needs to be addressed. After “Utopia” it’s obvious he cares deeply for her, and he knows she was the unwitting cause of his little problem. Both were enough of an issue with the Doctor to make him wait 140 years, so surely he’ll want to catch up with Rose?

Or it’s quite possible that everything is lined up for the Doctor to return to Rose, maybe crossing the Void, when the TARDIS is invaded by Cybermen or something like that.

I haven’t actually seen this possibility discussed much in fandom. Everyone seems to be focussed on RTD wrapping things up, but in fact he isn’t going at the end of S4 – he’s writing the specials. Imagine the impact of a huge D/R reunion on Christmas Day! Although Billie wasn’t around when the Christmas Special was being filmed, this could easily be accommodated if they spend most of it apart. The beach scene that caused so much squee a few months back, with Rose waiting for him (and it did seem to be older Rose, not a flashback) and him in the blue suit, could in fact be the end of the Xmas special. No reason why they couldn’t pick up a few shots while she was known to be filming S4.

Another intriguing little news tidbit concerns the December trio of DW novels. One called “The Story of Martha”, one with Donna and a solo Ten one, the writer claims on DWF. Okay, no Rose, but the change of policy suggests they are very definitely drawing a line under Donna (whereas they went on with Martha books long after she’d left the TARDIS). Release date is Jan 9th, so looks like they don’t want to pre-empt the Christmas Special. Last year’s trio were officially released on Boxing Day but there were plenty of advance copies around – I ordered from a book club and they arrived by December 10th.


8 thoughts on “More thinky, spoilery speculation…

  1. (Ooh, that rhymes! Shut up, Ten, who let you in?)
    At least Ten is just having fun with word play. The Ten in my head is contending with Donna’s heaving bosom.
    But anyway, I don’t know how much you’re spoiled for the remaining season and the Christmas episode, so I shall go on extrapolating and musing on bits I have caught.
    There’s Daleks on Earth, and Jack and other people in New-Who and spin offs are hiding behind bins shooting across the street at them. Mickey appears and joins in. The Doctor has to get to the TARDIS through the cross beams, but as he’s running he spots Rose. In the distraction, the Doctor gets shot by Jack. Rose blows up a Dalek. Rose runs to the Doctor and the ‘missed you/missed you too’ acknowledgement reunion occurs. Jack saunters over to the Doctor’s writhing form. The Doctor exclaims, “I bloody hate guns!” Jack comments, “No more than you deserve for your 140 year avoidance through homophobia.” Rose is momentarily distracted by memories of Nine/Jack competing for her affection, before asking why Jack said ‘avoiding’ if Jack supposedly volunteered to remain on the Game Station. The Doctor appropriately pipes up, “Bit pre-occupied dying, here!” They carry the Doctor to the TARDIS, and while the Doctor passes out the huge ‘this is your life’ scene happens between all the companions to bring everyone up to speed.
    The bias toward Rose in the trailer doesn’t tell us anything. Remember the trailer before the season started, where Donna was presented as pining for the Doctor? Thankfully she remained as plucky and ‘alien streak of nothing’ as we wanted her to be. I’m trying to think if we saw Saxon or heard ‘Master’ in the mid-season trailer last year.
    As for filming, the recent DWM says the ‘bin girl’ scene of Rose in PiC was filmed very late after the rest of the episode was filmed, along with the episode 11 block. So Rose may well be in the Christmas episode, but the filming for her is being delayed. I remember no-one saw Freema during the companion-harem filming, presumably because she was in an indoor studio. So Billie might be in an indoor studio, too.

  2. The Doctor has to get to the TARDIS through the cross beams, but as he’s running he spots Rose.
    You forgot the bit where Jenny rushes out, smiles sweetly and says, “Hi Dad, you should have left that kind of thing to me.”
    DOCTOR (indignant) You’re supposed to be dead!
    JACK (rolls eyes) Not you as well.
    ROSE (swings round, looks at Jack) What’s that supposed to mean?
    JACK Didn’t he ever mention it? (swaggers) I’m the man who can’t die. And it’s all your fault…not that I’m complaining. Nice jacket, by the way.
    DOCTOR (sighs) Excuse me….Oh sod it, I’ll just regenerate. Then maybe you’ll notice me!
    DONNA She’s your own daughter, come back from the dead and you’re going on about yourself, you emo!
    ROSE Wait a minute. Did somebody say “daughter”?
    JACK (smirks) Oh, it’s all coming out now. Hey, Rose babe, I’ve got this guy on my team who’s sorta dead. Would you take a look at him?
    DALEK: Daleks do not have a concept of soap opera. COMMERCIAL BREAK! COMMERCIAL BREAK!

  3. I’ve actually thought about this (well, the part about her being back after S4) – it would fit the Stowaway song, and it’s certainly not impossible by any means. It’s sci-fi after all. But I’m kind of not allowing myself to hope for something like this. Defense mechanism and all.

  4. And then Sarah Jane cuts in
    SARAH Hi Rose. Good to see you again. This is a fob watch for you. I stole it when the Doctor kicked me out. It’s initialed S.F but it whispered to me about you.
    DOCTOR (swallows audibly)
    ROSE (opens fob watch) Grandfather!
    DOCTOR Susan?!
    ‘ROSE’ You threw me out of the TARDIS to live on Earth in the 1960s, exclaiming if I liked the culture so much I should be one of them! I’ve genetically inherited my grandmother’s memories, which have been woken by the fob watch.
    DOCTOR (queasy at incesutous thoughts)
    JENNY So, I’m younger than you, but I’m a generation older?
    SARAH You should meet my son, Luke. Hey, maybe you and he could get married, so I can tell marvellous time travel stories to the Doctor’s and my grandkids.
    DOCTOR (bangs head repeatedly on pavement, resonating the concrete)
    DONNA (spots a green and silver ring in the gutter) Ooh, shiny! Hard times, no-one’s going to miss it.
    MICKEY This is confusing. No wonder the Doctor doesn’t do sex.
    DONNA (puts ring on) (evil look at Jack) Hey, pretty boy, put this ring on so I can live forever
    RTD Get that Moffat away from my stories – the series isn’t yours yet!
    MOFFAT (evil laugh)

  5. JACK: Hey Jenny, if you don’t like the look of Luke there’s always my cryogenically frozen kid brother…Wasn’t Jenny Gray engaged to Johnny Depp once?
    Doctor regenerates and comes back as Eight. Nobody except Moffat notices.

  6. I think I’m going to be terribly disappointed if our crack isn’t canon. *snort*
    The question is, does Jenny have more in common with Luke for being an aged clone fed with memories of others, or does she have more in common with Jack for her post-death unchanged appearance and being left behind by the Doctor?
    The other question is, how much fic could be written of the Donna!Ring!Master when s/he claims maternal rights over Jenny?

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