The Doctor’s Trunk

When I was a kid, we used to play a game called “I packed my trunk…”

The idea was, you chose a letter of the alphabet and then had to go round the circle listing, and correctly remembering, items beginning with it.

Let us imagine that the Doctor has a trunk filled with items beginning with, say, the letter C. Suggestions gratefully received. Here are mine:

Camera (first one ever invented)
Cards (to win back the TARDIS in a game of poker, useful in emergencies)
Comb (oh, that’s where I put it!)
Chocolate biscuits
Carpet that he always meant to lay in the control room
Calender (New Byzantine)
Conkers (fun to have in pockets)
Cassandra’s moisturiser
Chalks (to leave mysterious pictures of Bad Wolf on strategically placed walls)
Castanets (for visits to Barcelona. The place. Not the planet)
Cod Liver Oil (to keep him regular)
Capers (for detox)
Cat treats – useful when trying to recover animals lost in space-time continuum
Catalogues (he drove Jackie mad by filling in forms for them whenever he was hanging around the Estate)
Cabbage (that’s where he hid it when he was a little boy on Gallifrey. You can’t imagine him eating it, can you?)
Converse that fitted previous incarnations
Cannibalised Controls and Console Parts that may come in useful someday

Any other suggestions? (Note, for the purpose of this survey let us assume that the Doctor is asexual, or at least keeps anything that suggests otherwise safely in his pockets).


9 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Trunk

  1. Ooh, I play a version of this game as an icebreaker at the beginning of the year–it helps me learn kids’ names.
    How about…
    Chicken patties (he’s always hungry, y’know)
    Charm bracelet–maybe Sarah Jane’s?
    Chewing gum (for that minty-fresh breath)
    Chocolate-covered peanuts (sugar and protein–gotta love it)
    Charity requests (“Dear Mr Doctor, thank you for your support of….”)
    Children’s paracetamol–the full-strength stuff is too much
    Chippy take-away menu
    Chicken Marsala recipe

  2. Counterfoil – from the fabled Ten/Rose concert
    Chock and Cable – from mooring the Titanic
    Calamus (reed pen) – present from Shakespeare
    Calorimeter – check his running speed to keep slim
    Camisole (straitjacket) – having the Master on board
    Canopus vase – I’m sure he’s been to ancient Egypt
    Caparison – momento of Arthur
    Cardiograph – well, two cardiographs, one for each heart
    Caryatid – the first go at carving Rose in stone that never left the TARDIS
    Cheese – well, this is an in-joke from a N64 game where the programmers put random bits of cheese in the scenery
    Celery – negative energy food, for when he’s not run enough
    Chamois – for buffing up his ‘sports car’ of time travel
    Chenille – momento of Reinette
    Chlorometer – measuring chlorine in his swimming pool
    Chronoscope – Time Lords measure time
    Coronagraph – for Donna to study the Sun
    The Internet is such a fabulous resource.

  3. Brilliant. Some very imaginative suggestions there! I think this must be a dimensionally transcendent trunk, don’t you?
    (I’m a bit worried about the capitalisation of the Sun, though. Does Donna read tabloids?)

  4. Cat toy – for distraction of guards
    Condoms – not for the obvious purpose, but because a condom filled with water is such a useful weapon
    Cloth cap
    CDs – never know when you might get bored and need some Ian Dury to liven things up
    Chewing gum – for Rose because she’s always running out, plus it comes in handy for improvising gadgets

  5. Compass. Not that he ever gets lost, of course.
    Cufflinks, for that unexpected party to crash.
    Cocktail shaker, see above.
    Cornucopia, because it’s a nice Tennish word.
    Custard pies, for messy fights.
    Chess set (but not the one K9 beat him with)
    Captain’s Blog (because it’s good porn to read in bed)
    Carpet beater (see above)
    Custard powder, which he eats with his fingers from the tin.
    Chip pan, which he put away for obvious reasons after Canary Wharf.
    Chemistry set – the Gallifreyan type which allows you to create new life forms out of primordial slime.
    Yes, definitely a dimensionally transcendent trunk.

  6. Yes, this trunk is bigger on the inside. He might need a colimacon to access the different levels. After his cyanide incident, he might want to invest in a credenza and get Jack to test the food. Speaking of Jack, there’s probably a Captain’s Hat in there, because we’ve not seen him wear one since coming on board. On the subject of clothes, there might be culottes because some of the Doctor’s wardrobe has been eccentric over the years. He might have some clipped cuticles from when Rose did manicures in the console room.
    Donna may well read the tabloids, now she believes everything. Although it will come as a shock to read the headline “Catherine Tate found in alien trunk.”

  7. I like the compass. The Doctor is still inherently male, so he never admits to being lost or needing directions. Instead, he hides behind the ‘random destination’ button, because being a Time Lord he doesn’t have to be anywhere on time.
    New addition: Christmas cake. Like the cabbage, he wouldn’t eat the ‘nut loaf’ made by Jackie, because he was outside the 15 hour regeneration cycle and Rose seemed to like his new look.

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