Great Minds Think Alike

Here is a picture that’s just crying out for a caption. OMG that Hair – where will it end? I can’t wait to see what the Carlisle Co-op have to say about that shot!

Non-spoilery shot from The Poison Sky

And while we’re on – I loved this comment from the man who is about to direct DT in Hamlet:

And just as I was playing around with the idea I was watching TV, and David Tennant was on ‘Who do you think you Are’ on BBC1. He happened to go to a church in Northern Ireland, where they had been doing some work, and excavating the church floor. And there amongst the planks on the floor was a skull. And David, dressed in this great coat, picked it up and I thought – that’s like an audition for Hamlet. In fact, I texted him that night and said ‘I saw your audition for Hamlet ’

Hands up anyone who didn’t think exactly that? And thank you

for such a prophetic caption.

Before you all comment and nitpick, I don’t think that church was in Northern Ireland, but anyway.

Given that, maybe I shouldn’t get too excited about the mention of DT’s “temporary vacation from the TARDIS” to do the role. I’ll go back to my DWM instead and see how many little Adipose I can spot.


One thought on “Great Minds Think Alike

  1. Actually I made that icon after it was announced David was playing Hamlet, but I did think exactly the same thing when I first saw the show! And the wee kirk was on the Island of Mull, in Scotland. Not like I’ve watched the episode innumerable times or anything. *shifty eyes*

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