The joys of iPlayer

For some reason, DD’s drama lesson was cancelled today. Instead they were all sent off to the IT suite to watch East Enders on iPlayer and transcribe a set scene (This is what we pay our taxes for?) It gets worse. The sound wasn’t working so they all wrote a different scene. And the stupid teacher TOLD THEM OFF. I mean, come on. Could it really have been any worse than the original? It could have been creative brilliance.

I can’t help feeling sorry for someone who has to watch soaps in school. Maybe I’m just a cultural snob.

They could have transcribed the mime scene in Partners In Crime. It wouldn’t be as depressing.

Our living room is being redecorated so we have temporarily lost TV. One problem with having Sky is it’s tricky getting the telly to work anywhere other than where it was installed. Well, I’m not bright enough to figure it out anyway. DD is devastated because Heroes starts again on Thursday. There are three computers in the house so I suggested iPlayer.

“But mum, that’d be really bad quality!” (runs sobbing to room).

Perhaps it’s PMT?

She turned 14 last week and her auntie sent her a birthday card in Welsh. I’ve no idea why, since they live in Middlesex and speak English. I presume it says “Happy Birthday” but for all I know it could say “Owen Harper is a bit of all right.”

Has anyone noticed that on the original TW S1 publicity poster Owen is wearing a really strange pair of jeans, with a pocket on the outside leg that’s long enough to contain a sword? I knew it! He expected to meet that Buffy character all along and they retconned it!


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