Aw, Bless……

I am ridiculously happy about some of the spoiler reports and pictures this week, but not simply for the reason you’ll think. Anyway, under a cut we go:

No, what really warms my heart is the thought of Bernard Cribbins, bless him, as a grandad shooting the Daleks with a paint gun. After all, he was fighting Daleks in the DW movies 40 years ago.

I’m also delighted that apparently Donna’s mum, Jackie and Mickey are out there doing their bit together. DW has always been about  the little people doing extraordinary things. However apocolyptic things get, the idea of Wilf blinding a pepperpot with a paint gun is so utterly Who.

I read the RTD interview and I’m glad I did. A lot of the questions were pretty set-up really, and he could hardly say anything other than the final episode was the most heart-breaking, could he? I think what worried me more than anything was that there’d be some kind of horrible, frustrating Romeo and Juliet-type storyline with the Doctor and Rose never meeting up until it was all too late and she’d gone back home. Just knowing they get to exchange a few words, even if that’s all it is before they’re parted again, makes me very much happier.

I’m getting kind of Zen about spoilers now. If they’re around I’ll read them because I’m a bit of a whore that way. But, as scarlettgirl said a few days ago, there’s something about DW the show that’s bigger than the sum of even its biggest and most heart-rending parts. I think the whole of S4 will be fabulous fun and I really don’t want to spoil the first ten episodes counting down to the big finale.

It would be nice to have an official start date, though. Although if they’re still filming and then they presumably have to do the Christmas Special, you can see why they’re putting it back a bit. Even DT would struggle to do all that publicity if he’s been in the habit of lying on a pavement in Cardiff until 4.00am at night.


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