So far, this hasn’t been a very good week.

DH has a perforated eardrum, so no swimming for a while. To get much-needed exercise, he went orienteering yesterday and returned with a badly sprained ankle. He’s hardly left his bed since.

Meanwhile, my son woke up with nasty conjunctivitis, and he’s having an ingrowing toenail removed, which is I believe one of the most painful things ever.

And my daughter has come home full of a cold and almost certainly has tonsilitis.

I’m not going to moan about having to take care of everybody. I’m just really glad that, so far, I’m well.

Oh, and a friend just called to apologise for her silence since Christmas. She fell downstairs on Christmas Eve and dislocated her knee. Ouch!

There seems to be a lot of it about.


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  1. I agree with the previous comment about it never raining but pouring.
    Your husband has my sympathy – I’ve had a burst ear-drum before and I know how nasty they are (mine came from an ear infection; it was actually a relief when it burst because the pain practically disappeared when that happened).

  2. Thanks. Fortunately Tom’s op went well and he was very brave. John just needs to rest and be sensible. The worst thing is he gets so grumpy when he doesn’t exercise!
    I hope you’re feeling a bit better too. Maybe we can find time for a chat this weekend.

  3. It happened after he’d had a particularly stubborn lump of wax taken out. Ears are a weak point in his family – his dad suffers from tinnitus and is pretty deaf now. The worst thing is John can’t exercise now, and that doesn’t go down well!

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