Your Universe or Mine?

“New Scientist” mag recently held a contest for the best science-inspired chat-up lines. In the interest stimulating fanfic creativity, I repeat my favourites here:

First, the classic for all Dr/R shippers : “Your universe or mine?” That just has to be iconned.

or, rather more Time Lordy: “As a quantum physicist, the moment I observed you I determined that we were heading to your place or mine,”

and, for those who like a little movie ref: “Of all the bars, on all the planets where conditions support intelligent, bipedal carbon-based life forms….”

Billie Piper fans will appreciate “Forget what they say about butterflies, I think you could whip up a storm just by fluttering your eyelashes.”

Ten Inch after a few drinks, “Hello, I’m Dr Frankenstein – and I’ve got a monster!”

And finally, one for Jack (as if he needs any ideas): “I need a seed for my pseudo-random number generator – could I have your phone number?”

Another item from the feedback page just begs to be transmuted into Ten dialogue the next time he’s in London:

“A sign at Holborn, the underground station nearest the New Scientist London office stated ‘Camden Town Station is closed, due to a localised event taking place.’ This, presumably, was to distinguish it from all those non-localised, quantum events encouraged by announcements such as ‘Use All Doors to Exit.’ Even so, wouldn’t it have been simpler just to say that Camden Town station was closed ‘because something happened.’? (At which point Ten does eyebrow bobbing as a competitive sport and the sarcasm in his voice could strip paint from walls).


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