Okay, not a word yet about VOTD. Not even sure what I thought of it yet. Need to rewatch tomorrow. On first viewing, more spectacle but less heart than the other two. Is less sometimes more? Possibly, yes. I don’t think I’d want them to throw any more money at the show than they have now.

But I’ll probably change my mind on a second viewing. And yes, I was up at 4.30 am scribbling sketches for a related fic. The bunnies just wouldn’t leave me alone.

Nice Christmas. Very low key. We have a new iMac and if you can fall in love with a piece of hardware I probably have. Been playing around far too long installing widgets – you can even get a DW one from the BBC. Once everything is connected up, we will finally have reached the Nirvana of having a computer each at our disposal in this household. I’m staying with my little iBook, even though it’s getting unreliable and has next to no battery power any more. I like the way you can tuck yourself up in bed with it (I do my best work there). I think I’m gradually gravitating to an entirely bed-bound existence – bring me a cup of tea, someone.

We had one of the funniest and most honest present unwrappings ever. We all said exactly what we thought of each item as it appeared – how many copies of “How to Fossilize Your Hamster” does a 16 year old need, for example? I received (from John) a box of very dark choccies, two huge bath towels for the gym, an Elemis gift set and, best of all, a portable DVD player. My daughter supplied the DVD’s – “The Infinite Quest”. And I have the whole of S3 to enjoy, too. Go away, world.

I have given up on the TV – it is almost permanently hooked up to Super Mario Galaxy at the moment.

DH and DD cooked the Xmas lunch and did a fantastic job. Best roast potatoes we’ve ever had. They have the job in perpetuity now, far as I’m concerned. I would really much rather wash up.

You Stole the Sun from my Heart” has some perfect Doctor in S3 lines. This brought me close to tears:

I have – I’ve got to stop smiling
It gives the wrong impression
I love you all the same


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  1. What a lovely Christmas! Thank you for sharing and roasted potatoes? I’m going to look that one up, I don’t recall ever roasting one before…see what happens when the ancestors threw all that tea away? Have to relearn everything.
    Yeah for plot bunnies!!!!
    Also, I agree with your thoughts on VotD, I think I was missing something, of course having been awake for 43 hours before watching it may have influenced me a bit, but I will rewatch it today since I’ve now had some sleep.

  2. On first viewing, more spectacle but less heart than the other two.
    Yup, that was my gut reaction; it was very pretty, had all the bells and whistles, but was nevertheless remarkably soulless (and somewhat depressing for a Christmas Special, truth be told).
    And yes, I was up at 4.30 am scribbling sketches for a related fic. The bunnies just wouldn’t leave me alone.
    4:30 am? That’s dedication. Looking forward to reading what the bunnies sent you; it’s bound to be good, the things you write always are.

  3. I’m around pretty much anytime this week although we may have short periods of no Internet as we’re setting up a couple of new computers.
    I thought it was really sweet of you to go look up your friend on Christmas Day. Hope you all had a nice time!

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