There’s a hole in your logic…..

My son is playing too much World of Warcraft and falling behind at school. He’s also exhausted, since he’s had his sleep disrupted by severe eczema and skin infections for weeks now and the antibiotics are making him feel worse rather than better. This has led to three GPappointments plus one consultant referral.

However, according to my DH, none of the above have anything to do with Tom’s general malaise and lack of enthusiasm for his homework. No, the problem is that I set a bad example because I spend my life on line and I am “obsessed with Doctor Who”.

The most astonishing aspect of this argument (apart from the fact that it comes from a man who spent most of Saturday shopping for an iMac and Sunday on the laptop (a six-hour stretch, for which he could give no clear reason, but it was serious enough to stop both kids using the laptop to do homework) – is the idea that a boy of nearly 17 should be influenced by what he sees his mother doing.

I warned Tom that he was at risk of being considered Influenced by Mother. He was suitably shocked and muttered about doing lots of revision after Christmas.

Still, my DH isn’t the only man who can be glaringly inconsistent and parochial. Shacking up with David Tennant would be just as bad, since in the latest DWM he goes on about mince pies being “minging” “full of leftovers” and something he’s “just never got”……and half a page later he’s waxing lyrical about the delights of haggis!!

I’m waiting for someone to add a little thinks bubble with a haggis in it to the above piccie.


11 thoughts on “There’s a hole in your logic…..

  1. You need a hug girl!
    And a WOW addiction has nothing to do with the parents, it’s just one of those ‘everyone is doing it’ and a very addictive game once you start. Ask me about my 19 year old, and I’ve seen if from all walks of life.
    Although I did make my son pay for his acct and part of the internet service, since he was on all the time and it only seemed fair. At least he had a bit of a social life outside the house when he had to get a job.
    I think our DWM is a month or so behind, I just picked up the one with Time Crash cover. Oh well, old news is better than no news 🙂
    Enjoy the day and I have goodies on the way!

  2. Oh dear. As much as I think David Tennant is a lovely, dear, absolutely darling man, and although I’d most definitely shag him senseless if given the chance, I don’t think I could live with the man. Fuck buddy yes, life partner no. Not that I could live with any man now that I’m older and set in my ways, I don’t think!

  3. I liked the Tennant mince pie vs. haggis interview. The poor boy doesn’t know their history. During Victorian times, the rich had real fruit in them, whereas the poor could onlt afford minced meat/offal for Christmas treats. It’s modern commercial manufacture that seems to have blended the exotic contents with something that looks like it belongs in a bolognaise. Still, I have never tried a haggis, and I aspire to should I ever get North of the border.
    Oh, and you can tell your other half that I was a Doctor Who addict during my degree and walked away with 2.1 Honours. It was medical appointments that hindered my degree more than the Internet and TV. I could choose when I surfed the ‘net and watched my recorded programmes. I was frustrated that I couldn’t choose when to have bad health days.

  4. Haggis is GREAT! Although it can be wildly varied in quality and taste, rather like sausages. So, if you’ve had a bad one, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was gross. My Mum buys hers from a shop in Elgin that does mail order… I can’t remember what the shop’s called, though. Hm.
    But, inconsistent is men for you. I wouldn’t worry about it. And your son sounds like most other seventeen year olds to me.

  5. Interesting. I never knew the history of mince pies. I always make my own mincemeat, to the Delia Smith recipe.
    I once found a recipe for haggis, but when it reached the bit about boiling the stomach of a sheep and leaving the windpipe dangling over the edge of the pan, I decided Scottish cookery was not for me.

  6. I think maybe your DH needs a smack upside the head.
    But I’m a bitch that way. 😉
    I had to google “mince pie” and “minging” but I already knew what haggis was thanks to an old game I used to play with friends called ‘Find the most disgusting recipe’. Haggis usually won. (^_^)
    As an American, mince pie doesn’t sound too yummy, but if I had to choose b/t that & haggis, mince pie would be the way to go! I think that little qoute will go in my Reasons I like CE better file. *nods*

  7. You just made me laugh with my mouth full.
    I hope it’s not inappropriate to say so, but ever since moving in with my future-husband-type, I find stories of minor strife between spouses hilarious. Probably because it’s beginning to sound familiar all over, and I never experienced it between my parents growing up (their strife was nasty and more serious).
    Of course, as far as glaring inconsistency is concerned, I think I’m just as bad as my future DH. But see, that’s the thing about being female: changing our minds is our prerogative!

  8. Yep. Your son being addicted to WoW is all your fault because you like DW. That’s sensible. *snort* (Men can be a bit daft!).
    I’ve never tried Haggis… it sounds terrifying! (How can DT not like mince pies? That’s sacrilege, that is!)

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