How I became a nerdy DVD collector

I was absolutely, definitely not going to bother getting the S3 box set. There are still a few things on S2 I haven’t watched. And anyway, I already had TRB and Vol 1. So, no point.

I was in HMV a few weeks back and they were clearing out the S3 vanillas, so I picked up the Human Nature two parter plus Blink for a few quid. Also they had the Master three parter for £11.99, which I was fairly sure was inaccurately priced. I nearly got that as well but I’d picked up the whole of S1 for around £20 so I decided that was one treat too many.

Of course, I went back a couple of hours later, having changed my mind, and Vol 4 had gone. Then it annoyed me that I’d passed it up, so I ended up ordering it from Amazon for around £12.99 plus postage. After all, I wasn’t going to get the box set.

Then it started bugging me that (since I had the S2 box set) my collection only lacked S3,Vol 2. Even though I thought most of the stuff on it was rubbish, I wanted the complete New Who on my shelf. So I ordered that from Amazon as well, and paid another lot of postage.

But after all, I wasn’t buying the box set.

I’m not sure when I broke down but it was probably hearing about DT, JB and Freema’s special commentry for LOTTL, or maybe a few of those deleted scenes, or just the review that said DT must have spent nearly every waking minute he wasn’t actually on camera doing his Video Diary.

What the hell. I just ordered S3. I put all my surplus vanillas up on Amazon so I wouldn’t feel so guilty, and so my family wouldn’t say Oh God, not more Dr Who DVDs. I asked, more or less, what I paid for them, and four of them sold within 24 hours.

Maybe I could justify it by saying someone is going to hack my Child Benefit account any day now and steal my kids’ identity so I might as well blow the money while I can. It’s worth a try.

And that’s me done. I won’t want any more DW now, not never. Well, apart from the fact that I’d rather like some classic Five (after all, people who can carry off a decorative vegetable are few and far between), so I’ve been looking longingly at Time Flight and Arc of Infinity.

Which reminds me how much I used to love Peter D in “All Creatures Great and Small”. I wonder how much a set of that goes for?


One thought on “How I became a nerdy DVD collector

  1. *giggle* Yes, well, I ordered s3 from because you can’t get the set with John Simm on the front in this country. Which means I spent nearly $100 for a series of Doctor Who that I’m not even really thrilled with.
    The things I’ll do when I find out there are video diaries in with a half-naked Tennant.

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