The Muse Calls

My Muse was working overtime this week. Normally I struggle to do a chapter of my long fic. This week I wrote FIVE – yes FIVE – one shots as well. I know the reasons. Main one – my DH is away. It’s not that he actually minds me writing, just that I feel terribly self-conscious doing it. My kids’ lives tend to revolve around staring at screens anyway, so as long as we have one each, we rub along. I can take the laptop to bed, and did at weekends – evenings to write, mornings to catch up with LJ and email in private. I wonder how many writers do their best work in bed? I could certainly get into the habit, but only if I slept alone.

There were some other inspirations – it’s really been a fantastic DW week, with the S3 box set released, the soundtrack album and, of course, the wonderful CiN special. Suddenly it doesn’t seem all that long to Christmas after all. Is it possible for DW to give people the will to live? I remember feeling really, really down about this time last year and actually thinking, “But if I die, I’ll miss the Christmas Special, so I can’t really want everything to be over.”

Now this is really weird. I have all these lovely DVDs – no box set as yet, but every New Who episode, on my shelf and every day I really do intend to settle down and watch them, but I don’t. It’s almost because I care about them too much. I can’t bear to think of anybody coming in and spoiling it for me. Now my kids both watch huge quantities of shameless rubbish with no qualms whatsoever. Yet I feel there’s something very private about my own fannishness. Strange, isn’t it?

Today I actually got some RL stuff done. Last week I felt lousy, most of the time – I think I had some bug, and I was probably staying up a bit too late. Whatever, I just wanted to sleep the whole day through. But today that shifted, for some odd reason. I went to the gym, had a long session tidying up the garden and made my Christmas mincemeat, and did no writing at all…..could there be a connection, I wonder?


9 thoughts on “The Muse Calls

  1. I felt very similar to how you described feeling last year. I was missing my grandmother terribly, I wasn’t able to cope with the holidays very well, and yet I knew that I didn’t want to just lay down and die because I would miss the Christmas special. How completely geeky is that? I’ve started and stopped a half dozen letters to David Tennant, but I think that’s bordering on crazy, so they’ll probably never be sent.
    Also, did you receive the email I sent to you with my address? I wasn’t sure, because the email I had for your previously wasn’t the one you put down on my card post, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t goof up somewhere.
    I hope you are feeling better… the flu bug has been really horrible around here, and the people who have it seem to be feeling completely nasty.

  2. When the muse hits, go with it!!
    My biggest muse problem is the Chibi’s. Wouldn’t you know it, someone had to suggest () a link to Hug Day Fandom…who can resist?
    Never tried writing in bed yet, as I only have desktop computers and the bed is not that big yet, although they both sit at the foot of it.
    And as for watching…yes, it’s a private thing, especially if one has to pause to explain it to the unbelievers. Luckily I converted my son into a DW fan, and he is still of the mind I’m cool, at nineteen I’ll take that as a compliment 🙂
    Ok, gotta ask…..will you share a recipe for your mincemeat pie? I’m too curious for my own good, and it wasn’t until The Seeker, I realized that mincemeat is a fruit? Am I dense, or as you’d say, daft 🙂

  3. Mincemeat….actually I Googled it because I’ve always wondered why it was called that. It’s one of those recipes that varies in every household – there’s a good one here:
    Having said that, I don’t just mix my ingredients together. I put them in a big ceramic bowl and leave them overnight for the flavours to blend. Next day, make sure you’ll be in for a while. Heat your oven on a low light, and then put the bowl in. Gradually the suet will melt and coat every piece of fruit. Takes about 3 hours. Stir occasionally. Then turn the oven off and add about 60ml of brandy. Let the mixture cool, stirring from time to time. It will start off swimming in fat, but keep stirring now and then and gradually it will settle down. This is what preserves the fruit. Finally, pot in sterile jars. It keeps for about a year. Use to stuff baked apples, make pies, or just have a dollop with stewed apples or pears, and cream or thick yoghurt.
    I owe the British culinary doyenne Delia Smith for this tip. It really works. Also, she puts lots of cranberries in her mixture.

  4. I didn’t get your email, I’m afraid. Might be because I’ve reluctantly let go of the sensiblecat domain – I just couldn’t justify the steep registration fee. But you can definitely reach me on . I’d like to hear from you!

  5. That is strange, because I sent my email to that exact address. The one I had for you before was a gmail address? I will give it another try in a few moments – alas, I don’t remember exactly what I wrote before, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

  6. I’m a bit scared of googling some days, I believe that was the two times last year that folks actually complained about the cookies…I had tried a Scottish Shortbread at random, talk about bleah! So, normally I prefer folks I know recommendations.
    Thank you, I am going to try this, especially since the baking season is upon me!
    Who can resist, the music, the lights, the claymation shows on tv and a warm kitchen!

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