Stowaway Thoughts

Conversation in the car tonight (with teenage DD and DD’s friend)

Self: D’you wanna hear a REALLY cheesy Christmas song, then?

DD/DDF Go on then.

(Puts on The Stowaway)

DD Is that Kylie Minogue then?

S No, it’s supposed to be the Doctor. I mean, she’s saying what he said to her.

DD What did he say – he’ll run and he’ll roll all over the ground?

DDF He’d have to be a bit pudgy.

DD Can’t be that doctor, then.

DDF It’s a Dalek

S Daleks can’t roll. They’d never be able to get up again.

DDF How do Daleks reproduce?

S Good question. I think they grow in tanks or something (begins lengthy exposition of Genesis of the Daleks, which is interrupted by:


DDF How do you tell the sex of a Dalek?

S Very carefully?

DD (as chorus comes round again)
“So I’ll run and I’ll roll and I’ll cover the ground
Next Christmas I’ll see you, I’ll be around….”

S (unwisely) If you see David Tennant, tell him he can roll around and cover the ground with me any time he likes



6 thoughts on “Stowaway Thoughts

  1. *picks self up from floor from ROFLMAO*
    Oh, dearie me. *wipes laughter tears from eyes*
    I remember the pseudo-denial that my parents never had sex after conceiving me, me being the youngest child. Of course, the thinness of the walls beg to differ.
    As long as this ground coverage didn’t involve a Dalek plunger or impregnation, I’m sure we’ll all be rolling with you (though not at the same time).
    Roll on Christmas!

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