When Fandoms Collide

Suddenly, David Tennant is everywhere (not that I’m complaining, mind). Including the cover of the Radio Times, again. And what a grumpy old sod Peter Davidson looks – oh dear, makes me feel old. He was my young fresh Doctor once.

Isn’t it annoying though – I hardly ever watch TV and next Sunday the two things I want to see clash directly. And for once I think it’ll be Tennant that gets recorded for later viewing, because I’ll be glued to Daniel Radcliffe in “My Boy Jack”. It was such a shock to see him, looking so young and trying so hard to be brave and grown up in an Army uniform. Made me realise that if it was 1914 now my own son might be joining up.

He’s sixteen going on seventeen (like the girl in the Sound of Music). And he’s so bloody young. Barely old enough to look after himself if he left home, or to remember to eat and wash his clothes. And he could have been on the front line so easily. My grandad was. Never talked about it until the day he died, and if there were photographs I never saw them.

So, having a rather unfashionable soft spot for Kipling, I’ll be fascinated and ready to cry my heart out as the poor man pulls every string going to get his son into the army, only for the boy to go missing on his first day in action. And Carey Mulligan as Kipling’s daughter – that will be interesting.

Good TV is like buses, you wait for ages and then three come along at once. All this, plus Children in Need. And the new soundtrack. But I’ll probably not be splashing out on the new S3 box set, since there are bits of the S2 video diaries I haven’t watched yet, and I picked up the vanillas for about £6.00 each anyway. Haven’t watched all of those yet either.


2 thoughts on “When Fandoms Collide

  1. I’ll be recording DT too – My Boy Jack looks really intriguing, so it seems a shame to miss it because of 7 (albeit glorious) minutes of DW squee. (I have to admit to being very exciting by the idea of Peter and David working together though – I’m so sad they’re not doing a full episode!).

  2. Oh, it’s Learners you’ll have to skip (or record) – the CiN special isn’t on until the following Friday. Nothing else on TV would induce me to miss that!

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