At last I got around to doing a meme…

I’m all for spreading love, so here’s a meme from


1. Write out 10 (actually, I made it 12) things you want to but either can’t, are afraid to, or just won’t say to the people on your flist.
2. You cannot tell who each one is addressed to.

I am thinking about you right now as I watch the news from SoCal and I really hope you are okay.

You are the only writer I know who can sell me on OT3.

I wish you (plural) would hurry up and finish that wonderful reunion fic.

I would give anything to be able to write smut like you. Well, almost anything.

You have given me the confidence to embrace my inner fan.

I think it’s amazing that anyone with such a challenging family life has so much left over to give to other people.

When we talk the distance between us seems completely irrelevant.

I do not mind admitting that sometimes you make me cry.

I will never forget the birthday gift you gave me. I still look at it often.

I turn to your fiction when I’m feeling bruised and worn down, and it always restores me.


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