Hallam Foe – it’s nae bad

Hallam Foe is worth a look. Okay, I went because Sophia Myles was in it, and she’s pretty good, but Jamie Bell is even better. He’s a very troubled teenager who turns Peeping Tom after the trauma of his mother’s death. His dad rapidly remarries a woman who’s been having an affair with him and since Hallam’s mum died in suspicious circumstances, it doesn’t take the lad long to suspect the worst. So far so Hamlet, but things take a different turn when he gets to Edinburgh, finds work in a big hotel and starts to stalk Sophia Myles, who happens to look like his dead mother.

It’s a film about real, human characters who make a mess of things, but in its own way touching. Even though he creeps her out a bit, and they don’t quite stay together, Sophia’s character (Kate) is able to help young Hallam sort himself out a bit.

While the overall scenario is pretty dark and twisted, there’s a hopeful feel to the movie and quite a bit of deadpan Scottish humour, rather along the lines of “Local Hero” and “Gregory’s Girl”. Bell, who made his name as Billy Elliot some years back, really grows up here, although his lost boy character retains an essential innocence; his stalking activities are creepy but basically harmless.

About 15 years ago, David Tennant would have been wonderful in the part. Maybe that’s why SM sparked off it so well. A modest movie, but well worth a look.

Also yesterday was my 20th wedding anniversary. We’re celebrating in a week or two with an overnighter in a spa hotel. Should be very indulgent. Our daughter made us a cake as a complete surprise – we were very touched.

Also, after years of pleading from the kids, we finally got Sky TV. Which doesn’t mean a great deal to me, but it was nice talking to the bloke who installed the receiver. He claimed he’d met John Simm and that he was a nice, down to earth bloke.


2 thoughts on “Hallam Foe – it’s nae bad

  1. Hello!
    I’ve been meaning to friend you for ages, but didn’t cos I suck…
    Anyway, mentioned on her eljay that you have a spare ticket for Hamlet next summer, and I was wondering if it’s still free? My email’s n dot buckbeakbabie at gmail dot com, email me if it is. I’m going, but just moved to London, and starting college, and can’t afford the ticket and the membership, so was going to have to wait till they go on sale to the public…
    Anyway, I hate to come over here only to beg for the ticket, but I have read your fics and we have some friends in common… So I’m going to friend you.

  2. Hi, you friend away…..Situation is, nothing’s finalised yet but it looks like my DH and son will be away (they can’t stand the American fangirl invasion!). That means I’ll have to take my 13 year old daughter to Stratford, so she’d need the ticket. However, we may have someone else dropping out. So I’d say go ahead and book when it opens, but you’re certainly on the reserve list if we have a spare ticket.
    Also, I think there are some folk from a Ten/Rose comm arranging a group – Lissa may have details. It’s a big group so chances are someone will drop out there.
    I’m sure something will work out. I’ll keep you posted.

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