More wild theories

…….and another!

Way back last December, in a comment on “Second Chances” I made a little prediction

“Jack is the Doctor-elect. Never doubted it, never will.”

So, it’s always fun to stick your neck out a little. Here goes. The Eleventh Doctor is already cast. It’s John Barrowman.

I can’t begin to figure out how this would work in detail, but there have been some rumours that the Toclafane are the future incarnations of Time Lords. What seems to happen with such leaks is that they turn out to be partly correct – that is, the concept comes up in the finished show, but not quite in the rumoured way.

As a final, desparate act towards the end of the Time War, the Time Lords found a way to evoke future incarnations of themselves, perhaps temporarily, to help fight the Daleks. Jack is, in fact, a future incarnation of the Doctor. It’s possible that Rose’s actions in POTW revived that hidden part of himself.

Of course, the potential for emo here is enormous. It would explain why Jack felt so “wrong” to the Doctor and, arguably, also the TARDIS. It would also mean that,  just as he rediscovers Jack as a friend and companion, he is forced to avoid ever seeing him again. It would be too difficult to avoid a dangerous paradox; the Doctor cannot travel permanently with his future self.

I t hink the key is to think like a TV producer. What qualities does a future Doctor need? Energy, charisma, sense of humour and a clear moral compass. There are some moral issues with Jack, particularly his tendency to use violence. But there’s a picture in the LOTTL trailer of the Doctor (I think) pulling a gun, which would set a precedent. And Jack’s character throughout Torchwood has been moving steadily towards moral restraint – we don’t see him drinking, swearing or screwing around. He’s already being softened for a family audience, but since he’s pre-established as a bit of a rogue, he retains a dangerous edge.

Torchwood has made it quite clear: JB can carry a major TV show. His fan following is without doubt. There are get-out clauses – if anything goes wrong, we just accept Jack as a future regeneration, but not necessarily Eleven. And wouldn’t RTD rejoice to be casting an openly gay Doctor Who, and revealing his identity at Gay Pride, of all things?

Yet another theory

Okay, it’s time for my big finale theory. It’s pretty wild, but I’ve arguments to back it up. So I suggest you put it in a sealed gold envelope for the next 48 hours, and that gives me time to leave the country if I’m wrong.

Lucy Saxon is Rose. Maybe her identity theft is locked to the Master, and if he’s trapped back in the watch, hers will be released. I could be here all day speculating on the details. But my backstory goes, more or less, like this:

Although the Doctor locked the TARDIS co-ordinates as soon as the Master stole her, he might have been too late to prevent the TARDIS returning to Bad Wolf Bay. Or she may have been able to do it of her own volition. Whatever. The Doctor has a long history with the word “impossible.”

Anyway, there’s Rose crying on the beach, the TARDIS lands and what does she do. She shouts, “Doctor!” or words to that effect. Out comes a rather confused Time Lord who knows the Doctor’s background, and she assumes he’s regenerated. Jackie and Mickey know how to deal with that, and they put any gaps in his narrative down to post-regen trauma. Rose is thrilled to have him back in any form, particularly when he offers to get her home. Getting her under the old Chameleon arch would be a piece of cake after that.

Would anything please the Master more than stealing not only the TARDIS, but the love of his rival’s life?

Some clues:

1.  The Valiant co-ordinates given by Jack in SoD are right over southern Norway. Coincidence? Perhaps.

2.  Physically, Lucy resembles not only Rose but Romana II, Reinette and Joan. All women the Doctor has been attracted to.

3. The Saxon/Lucy body language is very reminiscent of Ten and Rose’s interaction as a couple.

4. Lucy is insipid and vague about her past, in many ways a colourless version of Rose. As John Smith was to the Doctor.

5. The two women’s names are similar. Four letters, followed by five letters. Lucy is derived from “lux”, the Latin word for light, and the origin of the English word “lucid” – a small echo of the “perception filter” theme. It’s also a solidly old-fashioned English name,  like Rose.

6. The hymn we hear in “Human Nature” has the following opening lines: “He who would valiant be/Gainst all disaster/Let him with constancy/Follow the Master

7. In a very crowded episode, several minutes were devoted to Lucy’s interview with a suspicious journalist. There were much quicker ways to establish her background. When did Saxon intervene? When Lucy began to doubt her own memories. And what did she say at that point?
“He was so kind to my father……” (As the Doctor was, to both Pete Tylers). And then, the real giveaway, “I made my choice…….”

It’s very similar to the “Gallifrey bleeding round the edges” process we saw happening to John Smith. In fact, Lucy is like someone who’s left the kettle on somewhere. She isn’t quite there.

8.  People have speculated that Lucy could be Romana or the Rani in hiding. It’s possible, but I think RTD would be unlikely to do something quite that fannish without establishing the Gallifrey background a little more. In both cases, their role in the Doctor’s past would need time-consuming explanation for New Who fans.

9. DT has referred in the latest DWM to the importance of E8/9 to the narrative arc as a whole – establishing the concept of identity hidden inside the watch. Apparently, he was referring to the set-up to “Utopia”. But it may not end there. He’s clever enough to keep it ambiguous.

10. DWM has a column in which they list everything, no matter how trivial, that people who’ve been in the show are doing now. Their silence on Billie’s plans for the immediate future is noticeable.

11. S3 started a couple of weeks before Easter Sunday, which is traditionally the premiere date for major family shows in the UK. Allowing for slippage, that would get it over with before filming starts on the Xmas Special.

12. The final week or two of filming S3 coincided precisely with some pretty wild rumours about Billie Piper having a new boyfriend, cracking up under the stress of a West End show, or even being pregnant. All great ways to have the press camping out on her doorstep – in London. I don’t read tabloids that much, but I’ve heard nothing about any of those stories since.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out that all three of the alternative endings mentioned in the tabloids this week have been planted by the BBC, or even filmed in part. I could even believe that the Cardiff roll-call on YouTube isn’t used in the show.

As for Martha, well anything is possible. All she’s said in public is that she hasn’t been sacked. Which may mean she returns. But, also, if you’re only hired for one series, and then you don’t do two, that’s not the same as being “sacked”.

Finally, the beauty of doing this this way is you could even get away without the return of Billie Piper (though I hope she does return!) If Rose has been Bad Wolfed/Time Ladied up, she could change her physical form, wiggle her fingers at the Doctor and say, “It’s still me.” In fact it would be a lovely irony if she did just that.

So there it is. I’ve stuck my neck out now. And don’t get me started on Jack……