One little compliment

One little compliment can make you feel amazing.

So give me a compliment, anything in the entire world, even that my shoelaces are pretty. Put this in your journal, so I can return the favor. And once you get some comments, put that entry in a memory or tag so that when you are feeling down, you can go to that entry for a quick pick-me-up and a smile.

Gakked from

and one or two others.

I think this is such a lovely idea – when you live with teens you can feel awfully taken for granted sometimes. So I do know the value of a good compliment and I try to be generous with them.

In Thumper’s words, “If you can’t say sumfin nice, don’t say nuffin at all.”


15 thoughts on “One little compliment

  1. I think you know I love your writing, but all of us Who fans know that “she knows” really isn’t sufficient. the words need to be said.
    So…I love your writing!
    And I also love the fact that you and I seem to be the same kind of mom. We want to do right by our kids, and we suspect that our frequent trips to Fantasyland might not be helping them. I take a lot of comfort in the fact that your children seem to be doing all right, World of Warcraft aside!

  2. Compliment
    You have words of encouragement when things aren’t going right with my family and health. The comment on my first ever completed fanfic was indeed very generous and constructive and inflated my ego so I continued writing. I adore the premises of your Ten/Rose fics – nearly a whole series via phone/letter/email is inspired and highly original. Most of your journal entries are thought provoking and reflective and the ones concerning your family prove to me that you are indeed a considerate parent.

  3. Well, while I agree with everything posted already I should come up with something original…
    You have been immensely helpful with links and things that have to do with my situation. You’re a very thoughtful person and if it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have found out about Recovery. And even though you don’t know me, you’ve taken the time to give words of encouragement.

  4. I don’t know you very well yet, but I hope that changes. Your writing always (especially the last few) helps pick me up when I am down. You’re witty, intelligent and you seem to be a genuinely nice person and that’s so very rare nowadays. I’m glad I can say, on some level, that I know you. πŸ™‚

  5. Re: Compliment
    I’m really touched by you saying that. I do understand about poor health- I’ve suffered from depression, sometimes quite severely, for many years, and I’ve had three lots of major surgery. I think it does change your perspective – you have to become more accepting of yourself, and therefore of others.
    As for comments, I follow Thumper’s advice – I only praise something if it’s good!

  6. Thank you. I admired your courage for watching it – in your position I might well have chickened out. I think you’re very brave and resourceful to be home-schooling and caring for a partner with such complex needs. If there’s one little thing I’ve done to help, then the pleasure is mine.
    If you get a few moments, do check the News page on, there’s a link to his BBC interview on Sunday morning, and it won’t be up for very long.

  7. Oh wow. Thanks so much. I hope my family would agree. I think sometimes the best of me goes into my writing and they get the scrapings of the pot.
    I adored Happy Feet.

  8. “all of us Who fans know that “she knows” really isn’t sufficient. the words need to be said…..”
    Quite right too!
    Yes, I do worry about my kids. Always did. Though I think it probably bothers my DH more than them. Okay, so I can’t plaster fan art on the walls, but then they give me so much material!
    And I think you must have a great sense of the beautiful and mystical, which comes into your writing. You carried yourself through your mom’s last illness with great dignity and grace, and obviously loved her dearly. I’m thinking of you as you grieve.
    And you are a fantastic writer.

  9. Oh, I say. Well, this’ll make you smile. Billie Piper is definitely on Top Gear this week. It was postponed from the 11th. So that should be fun.
    You make me laugh a lot with your tales of teaching with a crush on The Man. You sound like a really fun person to be with, some of your entries make me laugh out loud (the Scottish blokes with the fish spring to mind). Yes, we should get to know each other a bit better. We aren’t that far apart. Maybe we can show Lissa a good time this summer!

  10. Thank you. I just try to do justice to the characters I love. And that hug’s fantastic. That’s exactly how I imagine Chapter 10 looking.

  11. Absolutely! In fact, if you want to download Skype, we can voice-chat for free. All you need is speakers and a microphone, or a headset with a mike. You’re on an iMac, right? I think they’ve got microphones built in. Easy-peasy love ‘n squeezy. πŸ˜€ Go to and check it out.

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