Oh, isn’t he adorable? Let’s adopt him!

Good things can come to those who google themselves up. I sent her “Cute Fluffy and Dangerous” in exchange. She’s made my Valentine’s Day!

Come on out, kitty!


5 thoughts on “Oh, isn’t he adorable? Let’s adopt him!

  1. Hi, Sensible! I’m sorry to bother you here, but I was hoping to get in touch with you about your oh_she_knows membership application. Do you happen to have AIM or YIM by any chance? I’m ON US EST, Greenwich -5, and will be home from 3pm on today (off to work now), but I think it’d be a good idea to chat if you don’t mind. Oh, my AIM is miladyhawke2000, and my YIM is milady_hawke2000
    Thanks much!

  2. Well, I presume all this is about the Time and Chips business. So I’d like to set the record straight.
    About 10 days ago I was foolish enough to post a story on LoM which contained the incendiary (Dr to Martha) words “You’re not my plus one, just thought I’d clear that up.” Over the next few days, despite the official LoM policy that any kind of material, shippy or not, is acceptable, I was anonymously flamed and pilloried in various people’s journals. Some of the comments were of a very personal and hurtful nature. I think the mods dealt with it sensibly and I don’t think they condone that kind of behaviour, but it did bother me enough to ask what was behind it, and several people told me there were people everywhere, particularly on T&C, posting Martha-hate and they’d every right to be defensive – in other words, to abuse me, not because I wrote a particularly pro-Rose or anti-M story, but merely because I questioned the received wisdom that they were a couple in the romantic sense.
    So as a response I wrote “Just Because”, which was basically a gentle satire of shipper wars in general. I put it up on my personal journal, catsfiction, and asked a number of trusted friends if they thought I could post it publicly. Several, including some in your own community, thought it would be well received on T&C, so I put it up there with a slightly mischievous disclaimer, “Some people think they own these characters, and they don’t all work for the BBC.” I also linked to two earlier stories on my own journal which explained the backstory a little more. I didn’t post them because they didn’t fit the T&C criteria of centering on The Doctor and Rose. I’ve never so much as posted an icon with Martha’s face on it on T&C, let alone a pro-Martha story. I’ve tried to be sensitive.
    Anyway, I came down next day to find that, in addition to eleven very positive comments, I was being accused of pursuing a personal vendetta on the com and my behaviour wouldn’t be tolerated. This was based on the wording of the disclaimer, which seemed a bit of an over-reaction to me. I was told to change it to “something less inflammatory” immediately or the story would be removed, as indeed it was within ten minutes when I politely refused.
    Okay I could have played ball, but what bothered me was that after four multi-chapters and over 30 single stories all solidly Ten/Rose, and a track record of regular beta work for kalleah, rabid1st, aibhinn, ivydoor and joely_jo, I was being called out for pursuing a shipper war, which was plain ridiculous. I won’t abuse fictional characters and I don’t name names or abuse real people. I may have been provocative, or even a little naïve to assume that one side of the divide could behave a bit more reasonably than the other.
    So there it is. I wasn’t thrown off T&C, I left politely and voluntarily because I felt I’d been made unwelcome in the most public and insensitive way. Since I was in the middle of posting a WIP there, I posted a brief explanation saying I was leaving and asking people to confine any comments to my LJ, which they did, because I really didn’t want to get into mudslinging of any sort.

  3. I don’t find chatting about this easy at the moment. Some of the feelings involved are quite raw. I never meant to cause so much offence; it truly came as a shock to me. I’ve not experienced a full-on shipper war before and I hope never to do so again. If you want to judge me, and that’s reasonable so I don’t mind, please judge me on my writing and the company I keep. I’ve friended you on both my personal journal sensiblecat and my fic journal catsfiction , so there are no secrets there.
    Ultimately I believe in the Dr/Rose OTP. However, Martha’s a reality and if she’s never mentioned we’re confined to living in the past or ignoring canon. I don’t think Rose would want people to hate Martha, and I certainly don’t. But that doesn’t mean I ship them. And I won’t – knowingly – participate in shipper wars. You can be in a shipper community without dissing the other side, just as you can follow Manchester United without beating up City fans. You seem like reasonable people who don’t want to get into that stuff. If I’ve misjudged you, I don’t want to join in. If I haven’t, I think my track record will probably speak for itself. And since I’m not a member, you are free to canvass others if you have the time and if you think it would help.
    Hope this helps clear things up. If you don’t want me on board, that’s fine and I won’t rant about it to anyone else. For further discussion, you can contact me more privately on ruth@waterton.name
    All the best,

  4. o_O… Err, sorry you had that experience; it sounds like a bit of overreaction from all parties (heh, I’d still love to see this mythical Martha hate that’s supposedly rampant). Sensitivities are certainly running high in general. Which I guess doesn’t suprise me much, being that people have been setting the stage for this for two years now. Whole lot of pot-calling-the-kettle-black going around.
    Well, I do think I’ll send you an e-mail anyhow, as I still have a question (yup, Martha-related).
    Thanks for the response!

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