A famous seaside town, wot is famous for frolic and fun

Finally got around to watching “Blackpool” which I’ve had on DVD for ages. Not sure about the musical numbers, especially the ones involving DT, but it’s a razor-sharp script. I felt the portrayal of the town and its character was spot on, very much as I remember from my childhood there and the various summer jobs I had in the town. It’s also a very good portrayal of a marriage on the rocks.

Okay, I’m biased, but when DCI Carlisle shows up the whole thing moves up into a far more interesting gear. I can see why people see it as a trial run for the Doctor. There are similarities, such as walking the fine line between not giving a monkey’s what anyone thinks of you and being barking mad, which Tennant clearly loves exploring. A lot of slobbing and eating junk food, all very in character and quite loveable really. I loved the tacky gold Blackpool Tower on his desk.

His first conversation with Natalie is a tragicomic treat. Oh, I loved this little exchange:

NATALIE (as a Samaritans volunteer) Are you depressed?
CARLISLE No, but I’ve only been here a couple of days.

That’s just the effect Blackpool always has on me!


One thought on “A famous seaside town, wot is famous for frolic and fun

  1. I really liked Blackpool too. I thought that all of the characters were interesting, and it was very well written. I thought DT was excellent, and it was interesting how kind of dark Carlisle could be, as well as sweet. I know nothing of the actual place, so perhaps I didn’t get the full effect, but I thought it was a great show.

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