Oedipus was Framed

It may just be that getting some exercise increased the blood flow to my brain, but over a cappuccino this morning after the gym I took a look at The Times and there was just so much good stuff.

First up, Libby Purves on the BBC celebrity fixation. I’ve always had a  lot of time for Libby, she is one of the most sensible people on the radio and a great novelist and commentator on popular culture to boot. She’s courageous to speak out against the hand that fed her career, and I applaud her for it. Check the link:

Having said that, I do still love The Hamster to bits, and I found it very touching that he started getting over his injury by playing Classic Cars Top Trumps (cards provided by his co-presenter James May).

Onto other news, new research suggests that The Pythia might have been prophesying in an altered state, due to the build up of mind-altering gases in the caves of Delphi, and also (more mischievously) that some of the Oracle’s more – ahem – fanciful predictions may have suffered from an element of commercial exaggeration. The parallels with modern telly are impossible to ignore. 1) Habitual inhalation of mood-altering substances 2) The soap writer’s dream to kill off a character without anybody leaking the news 3) The exhaustion of relentless fandom and 4) Having to work constantly indoors and in the dark.

Having already brought the Delphic Oracle into Who fanfication, by the pricking of my thumbs something creative this way comes. The Doctor and the Pythia have a lot in common. They could have a very amusing conversation.

Of course, when you are obsessed you see the object of your obsession anywhere, but I was also intrigued by a photograph in the same rag of Daniel Radcliffe, looking very grown up in a brown suit (not pinstripe, as far as I could see), leaning against an old-fashioned British phone box. Even the caption mentioned that maybe he wanted to be Dr Who. Which, come to think of it, is a bloody interesting idea to revisit in 5-10 years time, if the lad hasn’t  had enough of playing national icons by then.


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