The Lonely Captain

I have this Eleanor Rigby adaptation line going around in my head:

“Captain Jack Harkness, carrying a hand that he keeps in a jar by the door…….”

Better leave it at that, before McCartney sues. He’s a bit fragile at the moment.

Anyway, Torchwood was a lot of fun. And I say that as someone who was never that big a fan of Jack, he’s a bit smug for me. They must have spent a fortune on helicopter shots of Cardiff. Wonder if they got some money from the local tourism development agency? Still haven’t quite figured out what Jack was doing posing on the top of that office building but it was a very cool shape, as indeed was Jack.

And Gwen? You go, girl. Makes me realise how much fun DW will be if he actually gets a companion educated past GCSE. I’ll probably get banned from timeandchips for saying that.

Other news? At last, a new chapter of “The One Adventure”. What a treat. Plot, character, humour, and not too much angst. There is so much good DW fiction around, I have to ration myself or I’ll never have time to read anything else. Or do housework.

I’m British, so let’s talk about the weather. This autumn’ s been a bit surreal as global warming kicks in. It’s almost November yet it’s still pleasantly warm outside. I always did love autumn days but these lack a certain crispness, a tickle of frost in the air when you step outside first thing in the morning. But, no shortage of mellow fruitfulness. Over the weekend we dined on beetroot, pumpkin, horseradish, chard and the last of the carrots, all home grown. Must put some onions in for over the winter. Our new raised bed at the side of the house looks good, it will hold a lot of good things next year.

Daughter has just bought Sims 2 Pets which is a ridiculous amount of fun for all the family. Even my son has got in on the act, creating a hilarious Dr Evil complete with psychotic Persion cat.


3 thoughts on “The Lonely Captain

  1. Wow, my ickle fic made it into your LJ–how cool is that! 🙂
    And I know what you mean by the weird weather; western Washington’s weather is much like Britain’s, and I’m kind of bummed by the sun. I want rain. We NEED rain, dammit. It’s October, and it should be gray and cool outside.

  2. And Gwen? You go, girl. Makes me realise how much fun DW will be if he actually gets a companion educated past GCSE. I’ll probably get banned from timeandchips for saying that.
    Not by me! Much as I love Rose, I would love to have seen her show some interest in continuing her education – even though we know she did learn a lot from the Doctor. In just about every fic I’ve written which covers any period while she’s away from the Doctor, she goes and gets qualifications 😉
    Of course, many past companions did have a lot of education. And then there’s Martha, the forthcoming companion, who is a medical student. As you suggest, it’ll be interesting to see how that’s actually written.
    Though, to be quite honest, when I taught in a British university, as I did for sixteen years, I was often astounded at the level of intelligence and knowledge (ie lack of) from some of my students. Rose would knock spots off many of them. 😛

  3. I despair of English secondary education sometimes. It seems that if kids are to learn anything beyond parrot GCSE answers from the Internet you have to send them to an independent school these days. I’ve one child at each, and the difference is striking.
    No wonder the History Boys movie struck a chord.

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