Only Human?

I did it! I managed to crack Chapter 7, the first from Rose’s POV and the story of the Doctor’s birth and early life. I just went for coffee with a friend, she showed up late giving me time to think, I walked home, and out it flowed in one lovely long Euros Lyn type cut. And I love it to bits.

Hadn’t realised how vulnerable I was, out there with my stories in the big wide world. Haven’t written any fiction since I shoved my novel in a drawer over 10 years ago. Always thought I couldn’t do men and yet here I am rooting about in the psyche of a 900 year old screwed up alien and it feels just like home.

I wonder sometimes if I’m writing about Tennant or about the Doctor. I feel fairly safe saying it’s the Doctor but the mannerisms and the interpretation are rich enough to get the imagination going (I love DT’s phrase “He can turn on a sixpence.”). I do find that, increasingly, my Doctor speaks in a Scottish accent. But I do always feel that Tom Baker is in there somehow, too. I suppose you just never forget the Doctor you knew as a kid.

I’m beginning to get another little plot bunny, though it won’t make it into this story. Sarah Jane and Jack, eyes meet across a crowded room…….

I am loving the social contact of Live Journal. It’s bringing some very interesting people into my life – I may have to start rethinking the open posting soon since I don’t want to acquire more friends than I can keep up with (now there is a nice problem to have).


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