Feared by the blokes, loved by the girls


“He’s vain, arrogant and might possibly have post-traumatic stress disorder.” He’s also an updated English icon, and gorgeous. In other words, he is a BBC Saturday Teatime hero.

He is Jonas Armstrong, aka Robin Hood. Ladies, your ratings just went up.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they showed a Torchwood trailer after Episode 1. I nearly hyperventilated.

Interesting connection for Whovians – Robin’s sidekick Much is played by the grandson of a certain Patrick Troughton. And very funny and touching he is.

Had a really fun weekend posting my first fic to T&C. What lovely people. Haven’t had so much fun since they let me take Captain Jack home for the night. Chapter Three about to go up and ideas flowing for loads more.

Life is good.


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