Did You Miss Me?

Friends, it is so good to be back. Never, never, let your teens and their friends have a conker fight in the family room. (Actually, being an English household, we don’t have a family room, but I wish we did). What we do have is a kind of annexe to the kitchen stuffed with IT. We figured that if we did it that way, at least when the kids started downloading hard porn we would notice and be able to discuss it with them. But anyway, they had a conker fight when I wasn’t looking and knocked the ethernet router onto the floor. We were not amused.

My son has been frantic. “What about my Guild? I have COMMITMENTS. I’ll get flamed!!”

I am off to a table-top sale at my daughter’s high school. About a year ago I thought I would make my fortune selling books on E-bay. Result, an overdraft and an awful lot of low-quality paperbacks. Spent an hour or so loading the car up yesterday and we hope to offload a few. My daughter spent most of that hour (when she wasn’t catching up with Lost on DVD) saying “You can’t get rid of my Mr Men books!” She’s twelve. Once a hoarder, always a hoarder, I guess.


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