My first fanfic is almost finished. It runs to nearly 20,000 words which is probably far too long. It’s been a real challenge to write. But such fun. In fact, I spend far too much time sneaking off to do it when I should be busy on other things. I have half of it saved on the old Dell upstairs, which I still prefer, even though it’s Windows 98 and has no Internet access (less to distract me!), and the other half on the Mac laptop. So I shall have to get out the pen drive soon and hook the two halves up.

It’s provisionally called Boxing Day, because it’s set straight after TCI. I was interested by some of the comments made by RTD in the DWM before last. Someone pointed out to him what a pain Rose and Ten seem to be at the start of Series 2, and his response suggested that he’d set that up quite deliberately, to show that they were bringers of chaos, dabblers in hubris, and all round Not Very Nice People who thoroughly deserved a cumuppence. He was also talking about the Harriet Jones exchange and pointing out that people didn’t feel safe around the Doctor – we love him in TCI but you could just as easily think he was insane. True, that, as a matter of fact.

The argument works, just about. But it does seem strange that we are given such a wonderful, vibrant, likeable character in TCI, and such a dignified, wise and selfless Time Lord in Doomsday, both of which I love, but so much arseing around in between.

So my little story, as well as allowing me to spend hours in Ten’s company (and who’d complain about that) is an attempt to tackle a few of those issues. What if the Doctor woke up on Boxing Day feeling he had been an arrogant prick? What if he was put in a position where tremendous moral pressure was put on him to actually marry Rose (I’m not actually sure if that would BOTHER him all that much. It would seem like a short-term arrangement to him – I can almost hear him saying, What the heck, it’s only 50 years, if it’ll please Jackie why not?)
And what if he returned for Jack? Or mended fences with Harriet Jones? (A wonderful and shamefully underused character in fanfic).

I’ll be ready to go public soon. Is anyone intrigued?


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  1. Re: Boxing Day
    Thank you!
    I just read them both, and they were great! There were a couple of places where it seemed like I’d missed something, but it’s probably because I haven’t seen any Torchwood episodes yet. At any rate, I enjoyed both stories, and I wouldn’t mind reading more fics of yours, if you’ve written others.

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