“Right”, said Fred

“‘Right’, said Fred.”Have to take the wall down,
That there wall is gonna have to go”
So we took the wall down
Even with it all down
We were getting nowhere……..

“Right,said Fred”, a novelty song by Bernard Cribbins, used to be played on shows like Junior Choice when I was growing up. It was about two blokes trying to shift a piano, demolishing half a house in the process, and then giving up for another cup of tea, and going home.

This morning has been a bit like that.

It started off with a flood in the kitchen and a small leak in the cold water inlet pipe. No problem, call a plumber. The plumber – female – arrived promptly but we were soon faced with a serious problem. The kitchen unit under the sink had been put together before the pipes went in. The repair was impossible without demolishing the cupboard first.

We spent the best part of an hour crawling around on a filthy concrete floor removing all the screws we could find. By then we’d emptied several cupboards and still the back of the one we needed to get into had not revealed its fixings. I attacked it with a circular saw. The handyman neighbour from across the street had attacked it with his saw. The plumber still couldn’t do the job and pointed out she’d already been around for an hour and a half, billed me £86.00 and left. The general consensus was that we’d have to take out the sink and build a whole new worktop around it.

All to replace one washer. Grrr!

I need chocolate…..


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