Digging for Victory

We have just had our garden wall rebuilt (very expensive) and it was a sunny weekend, so I spent quite a bit of time repainting the decorative iron bars and gate. Partner dug out new flowerbeds and filled them with compost. Backbreaking.

For those who are interested our garden now contains – kohl rabi, agretti, chilli peppers, leeks, beetroot, Swiss chard, tomatoes (pomodoro and gardners delight), eight different basils, cucumbers, fennel, pumpkin, courgettes/zucchini, spinach, borlotti beans, celeriac, broccoli, Conference pears (over 100 this year, the tree collapsed), rhubarb, land cress and probably a load of other things I can’t remember.

We started growing stuff in our front garden 2 years ago when we were told we’d have to wait 2 years for an allotment, and we’ve never looked back. We really know our neighbours so much better now. In fact, you never get as much done as you hoped when you go out there, because they all keep chatting to you. It’s like Digging for Victory all over again!


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